Junior Eurovision 2010: A retrospective

JESC 2010

Three bids were received by the EBU for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Belarus won the right, over Russia and Malta. After the lowest number of entrants to date, a bounce back occurred with Latvia and Lithuania returning, and Moldova débuting. Unfortunately, Cyprus and Romania were both absent. Romania has yet to return, but we have seen Cyprus since. A brand new 15,000-seater arena in Belarussian capital Minsk became the ideal venue for the event. It wouldn’t be a home win, but the hosts did acquit themselves well.

As you can see from that video, Belarussian broadcaster BTRC tempted all the previous winners along for a medley of their respective songs. Even seven years after the first contest, it was interesting to see how some of them had grown up.

Several of the contestants adopted the cunning trick of singing in various languages. Not to the scale of Serbia’s début in 2006. And we had an imaginary language entry from Georgia. Imaginary languages aren’t just restricted to Belgium in senior Eurovision it seems. And speaking of senior Eurovisions, a certain Alexander Rybak – that famous Norwegian-Belarussian – popped up during the interval.


Lithuania – Bartas – Oki doki

Moldova – Ștefan Roșcovan – Ali Baba

Netherlands – Anna & Senna – My family

Serbia – Sonja Škorić – Čarobna noć (Magical night)

Ukraine – Yulia Gurska – Miy litak (My plane)

Sweden – Josefine Ridell – Allt jag vill ha (All I want)

Russia – Sasha Lazin & Liza Drozd – Boy and girl

Latvia – Šarlote Lēnmane – Viva la Dance (Dejo tā) (long live dance, dance like that)

Belgium – Jill & Lauren – Get Up!

Armenia – Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama (Mother)

Malta – Nicole Azzopardi – Knock knock… Boom boom

Belarus – Daniil Kozlov – Muzyki svet (Light of music)

Georgia – Mariam Kakhelishvili – Mari dari

Macedonia – Anja Veterova – Eooo, eooo


Yet again, the final set of points determined the winner. From the start, it was a two-horse race between Russia and Armenia. The lead swapped places several times, with each country receiving three consecutive maxima. So which way did it go from Macedonia? Armenia, giving them their first victory after a very near miss in 2009.

Armenia’s victory meant another first in JESC terms in 2011. But what would it be?

Which songs did you like best?

Author: John Stanton

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