Eurovision 2015

Switzerland : Eric Saade Enters the Swiss Eurovision 2016 National Selection

Eric Saade live at Lotta på Liseberg 2014. Photograph courtesy of Saade Tumblr

Eric Saade live at Lotta på Liseberg 2014. Photograph courtesy of Saade Tumblr

It would seem that the Swiss Cuckoo Clock failed to wake up SRF (Swiss National Broadcaster) as they have fallen asleep on the job with their Eurovision 2016 National Selection process and not realise that Eric Saade entered a song!

Eric Saade appears to have submitted an entry into the Swiss Eurovision National Selection for Eurovision 2016 but with a remake of his 2010 Melodifestivalen song ‘Manboy’ and under a pseudonym!

SRF have been played one seriously funny prank by German singer Nico Honey who has entered a song on the SRF Eurovision platform for their Eurovision 2016 selection. His song is called ‘Mamboy’ and is indeed Eric Saade’s ‘Manboy’ given a rather good acoustic makeover. Oops. Somebody has slept on the job in Switzerland and not noticed this one!

Here is the link to Nico Honey’s upload on the SRF Platform – READ HERE

Just in case SRF realise that they have been ‘PUNKED’ – we’ve taken a screen shot

Nico Honey - Mamboy

Nico Honey – Mamboy


AND Just in case they take down the video too,  then here it is on YouTube

Makes you wonder if Celine Dion will re-enter her own Swiss Eurovision Winning Song on the SRF platform.

Well spotted by our friends at Eurovision Apocalypse. Check them out HERE

Are you a ‘Manboy’ or a ‘Mamboy’ fan?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Apocalypse and SRF

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