Eurovision 2015

Eurovison 2015’s CUTEST Home video comes from a contestant – BUT WHO?

Eurovision Guess Who? Photo : elhstalon

Eurovision Guess Who? Photo : elhstalon

Parents used to call their children after a family relative – usually a Grand Parent or sometimes after a Saint. However from time to time this tradition is way surpassed by a personal story – and we have one such story in 2015.

This year one of the contest’s singers has just told us a story as to how they got their name? If I was to say that his Mother must have liked some 80’s yodeling, that might give you a clue.

If I was to also say that this singer gave Yugoslavia one of their best results at the contest then that might definitely give it away!

Yes one of my earliest memories of Eurovision was way way way back in 1983 when a handsome young man was yodeling about his love for a woman called ‘Džuli’. The man in question was one Danijel Popovic!

Little did we know that a woman gave birth to a boy that same year and took one look at him and decided to call him ‘Džuli’ – NO SHE DIDN’T – She called him called him Daniel after her favourite Eurovision singer saying “he will be a singer one day.”

That boy grew up to be Daniel Kajmakoski who indeed is a singer, the first ever winner of X-Factor Adria and now representing Macedonia at Eurovision 2015 with his song Autumn Leaves’ in Semi Final 1 on May 19th.

We LOVE this video of Daniel recreating the 1983 Eurovision video by Daniejl Popovic right dowe to the dance moves and tight white trousers. But we LOVE the insert video of Daniel’s Mum watching her son singing her favourite song #Classic!

Here take a look at both videos for yourself! #Loving Daniel’s Mum!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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