USA : American Fans Award Their Votes for Eurovision 2015 – See their Top 10!

American Eurovision Audience. Photo : Wikipedia

American Eurovision Audience. Photo : Wikipedia

America has one of the largest European diaspora in the world, so it is no surprise that many of our European extended family know and hold Eurovision close to their hearts.

Like last year – many American Eurovision fans met up and cast their votes for their favourite songs at Eurovision 2015.

In a voting sequence that can only be described as ‘A Thriller’ the winning song won by ONE point over second and third place who were TIED! Well if that happens in Vienna I will have a heart attack!

So what countries made the Top 10?


1st – Italy

2nd – Sweden

3rd – Australia

4th – United Kingdom

5th – Cyprus

6th – Poland

7th – Ireland

8th – Spain

9th – Slovenia

10th Estonia.


Huge thanks to Dave Cargill and Gavin Molloy for organising the event and the scoring. Will Europe/Australia vote in the same way? What do you think of this as a potential Top 10? Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. If America could vote in the the Eurovision Song Contest, IL VOLO would win, hands down! However, whether or not they win Eurovision 2015 won’t make them any less winners to Il Volovers all around the globe. They will still be *the* most beautiful sound in the music world today, and the three kindest and most compassionate (and most handsome) young men in the world, as well.

  2. wow thank you for norway vins. hahahahahahaahhaahhaahhahahahahaha sweden 19 iceland 2 romania 3 good luck for this thre in the topp. make my day. hahahaha

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