AUSTRALIA : Watch Guy Sebastian’s Entry For Eurovision ‘Tonight Again’ – Can this win the contest?

Guy Sebastian Reveals Eurovision Song

Guy Sebastian Reveals Eurovision Song

AUSTRALIA : Watch Guy Sebastian’s Entry For Eurovision – Can this win the contest?

The time has come to listen to the first ever entry for Australia at Eurovision.

Guy Sebastian was internally selected to represent Australia by SBS and he was deciding between songs from his album ‘Madness‘ and possible new material to be his entry for Vienna.

This morning Guy released his song for Eurovision and it’s called ‘Tonight Again’


What to you think of Guy’s song? Will this score well with Europe? Could he win Eurovision?

If you don’t know Guy (shame on you) well here is ‘Our Essential Guide To Guy’ – Check it out!

Could this be the first of many Eurovision entries from Australia at the contest?

Let us know your thoughts!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. This could definitely win – not many up-tempo songs this year and it will stand out a mile. Guy will always sing brilliantly live and if the staging is right, Australia will be challenging for the title!

  2. Wow, it’s a great song ! ……Upbeat, Upbeat, Soul & Rythmn, congrats to the Aussies, it’s great !

    The new song “Tonight Again” showcases the trademark soulful sound which Guy is renowned for. With a contemporary R&B style bursting with hooks, beats and celebratory lyrics, “Tonight Again” belongs on the Eurovision stage and Guy is the perfect artist to deliver a world class performance for Australia and SBS on the world’s biggest stage. Hearing that crescendo in the hall in Vienna is going to be an incredible moment that the whole of Australia and Europe can look forward to.

    I am sure Australia is going to win ! Guy Sebastian has already 42 platinum and three gold certifications!
    Psssst….. Don’t tell it mum………For all of you who want to make a bet this year, take NOW the odds of 15:1 and let’s party then !

    Cheers, Leo

  3. An excellent, catchy, fun, up-beat entry, in a year when too many countries have gone down the serious, slower ballad path. With a good performance, who knows? Well done, Guy and all your team!

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