Eurovision 2015

PORTUGAL : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of The Final of Festival da Canção Semi Final – #JoinUs at 22:25 CET

Finalists in Portugal 2015

Finalists in Portugal 2015

PORTUGAL : LIVE ROLLING BLOG of The Final of Festival da Canção Semi Final – #JoinUs at 22:25 CET


6 acts battle it out in Lisbon in the hope of representing Portugal at Eurovision 2015. There were 2 semi finals earlier this week where 3 acts from each qualified for the Grand Final – Semi Final 1 and Semi Final 2

The show starts at 22:25 CET and you can watch it HERE On the Live Webcast

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. You are in my (Andrew’s) hands tonight. I promise to be gentle and to have some fun with the commentary




José Freitas – Mal Menor (Ninguém me Guia à Razão) (Churky)

José Freitos – Mal Menor


Andrew’s Comments

I have to be honest here, I do not like the song , the dancers a complete distraction and this would bomb at Eurovision. he tried his best and sung the song well but its not good enough for me.



Yola Dinis – Outra Vez Primavera (Nuno Feist / Nuno Marques da Silva)



Andrew’s Comments : On second in the running order tonight Yola is different class to the first song. Its sassy classy and a great ballad with lots of feeling and good backing orchestration. She is a Portuguese version of Chiara with an equally impressive voice and feel sure this will sound amazing live in Vienna. Love it with a passion.

Leonor Andrade – Há um Mar que nos Separa (Miguel Gameir)

Leonor Andrade – Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa

Andrew’s Comments : Song 3 tonight is something a bit more mid/up tempo. Its a decent song and would not look out of place at San Remo. A good singing performance from Leonor and this would have an outside chance to go to Eurovision I think.

 Simone de Oliveira – À Espera das Canções (Renato Jr./ Tiago Torres da Silva)


Simone de Oliveira 1969

Andrew’s Comments : A very classy slow ballad almost Fado style from a legend in Portugal having gone to Eurovision before twice in the 60’s. For a woman of 77 she still has good voice and style and great interpretation. But I believe we have heard through the grapevine she does not want to go to Vienna so Portugal would be wrong to vote for it as a winner. Good audience reaction though.


Gonçalo Tavares – Tu Tens uma Mágica (Gonçalo Tavares / José Cid)


Andrew’s Comments : Goncalo sits at the piano and sings a fairly upbeat number and the dancing girls do not come on till much later in the song so are less of a distraction. It gets a good reaction but feel its a bit too plain for Eurovision in 2015, would be better suited about 20 years ago.




Teresa Radamanto – Um Fado em Viena (Fernando Abrantes / Jorge Mangorrinha)

Teresa Radamanto – Um Fado Em Viena

Andrew’s Comments : A lovely ballad here very much in a Fado style. Its really rather beautiful actually and will be in with a good chance of going to the City she sings about in the song. Fado ein Vienna indeed. Lovely voice and performance.




Andrew’s Predictions

Ok well my predictions are fairly straight forward. I expect Yola Dinis to get the ticket to Vienna and if she somehow fails then it would have to go to my 2nd choice which would be Teresa Radamanto.

Of the rest I would expect Simone de Oliveira to come 3rd and Leonor Andrade in 4th.

Then I would place Goncalo Tavares 5th and Jose Freitas 6th.

Of the superfinalists I have to predict that Teresa Radamanto will go to Vienna.



Actual Results

The 3 who go through to the Superfinal are Goncalo Tavares(?), Teresa Radamanto and Leonor Andrade.

A big shock for me that Portugal did not take Yola Dinis through. Oh well Portugal’s loss.

And the winner is Leonor Andrade with the song Há um Mar que nos Separa .





Author : Andrew James Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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