Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Video Interview with Molly Sterling ‘Playing With Numbers’ – Eurosong Finalist

Molly Sterling Interview. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Molly Sterling Interview. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

IRELAND : Video Interview with Molly Sterling ‘Playing With Numbers’ – Eurosong Finalist

Eurovision Ireland had the pleasure to have some ‘Facetime’ with Molly Sterling. Molly will be performing the song ‘Playing With Numbers’ (that she co-wrote) in the Irish Eurosong National Final on Friday February 27th on The Late Late Show on RTE.

We also met the co-writer of the song Greg French and we got to know all about this talented 16 year-old singer and song writer. Molly is certainly a name that we are going to hear a lot more of in Ireland and abroad.

If you want more information on Molly you can check her out on WebsiteFacebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Remember that you can vote for Molly in our International Poll on ‘Who Should Win Eurosong 2015’ – HERE

Thanks to the management and staff at ‘House Dublin’ for the use of their amazing venue on Leeson Street in Dublin. Check them out on their Official Website.

As always a huge thanks for the Video Production by Mr Karl Hayden ( with whose help this video would not have been possible.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I think that Molly is a fantastic new talent. The fact that she is self thought and has co written Playing With Numbers is fantastic. The song is by no means generic. Instead, it is radio friendly, accessible, original, easy on the ears and has a really strong, consistent melody. It is very Centralized on stage. Which is very important if you want Eurovision success. But all she needs to do is tweak the presentation ever so slightly and we have a clean cut, professional entry for Vienna.

    Semi Final Prediction: 3rd-6th place (Qualified)
    Final Prediction: 4th-16th place

    I’m so happy that we have stripped down the song. It’s a welcome break from the over the top productions and gimmicky acts we’ve sent in recent years. It’s back to just focusing on the song and singer.

  2. It was a good song but not an ideal song for Eurovision,so I can’t see it going very far to be honest,I dont think it will get past the semi finals ,but she is clearly a great talent.I won’t be rushing out to buy it either.

  3. Wow!! Another brilliant talent from Ireland! Wishing all the luck in the world to Molly and of course Greg the co writer of the fabulous song! ❤ xxx

  4. Nice interview Garret. She’s clearly a very talented girl, writing her own song and she comes across as shy and unassuming.

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