Eurovision 2015

LATVIA : Live Rolling Blog of the ‘Supernova’ Final for Eurovision 2015 #JoinUs at 20:20 CET

Supernova Final 2015

Supernova Final 2015

LATVIA : Live Rolling Blog of the ‘Supernova’ Final for Eurovision 2015 #JoinUs at 20:20 CET


Latvia will make it a third Eurovision 2015 selection tonight as the 4 remaining artists will take to the stage in the final of ‘Supernova’. You have voted in your thousands in our On-Line Poll HERE – and we have a very close Top 2 – But Who?

The Show starts at 20:20 CET and you can watch on-line HERE

You know the drill by now – Just refresh the page after every song to get our thoughts on the performances and our predictions


Finalists And Live Blog 20:20 CET

Someone told the male host that Tartan was the new Black – he has gone to town! Probably Glasgow from the looks of it!



AminataLove injected

Garrett’s Thoughts :

#WOW – What a start to the show! Aminata looks like a Supermodel and sings with one hell of a punch. This is a very 80’s German/Electro/Pop song. Aminata uses the camera like a professional. She just draws you into her performance. Super Classy, Super Sassy and A Super song #FAB

Aminata Supernova Final


Ok – I haven’t gone to sleep on you. It is just the TV Ad breaks here in Latvia with the biggest and chattiest BEAVER ever keeping me company! #SCARED :-/

Latvian Beaver



Garrett’s Thought :

Ever wondered what Sia would look like with a haircut? Well think no more as MNTHA certainly shows us the way!

Sia Got a Haircut 2

Where is Latvia getting these funky singers and songs? Again another minimal pop song that I personally love. However putting my “Jury Hat” on I fear that some of the traditional and more mature jurors across Europe wouldn’t understand the brilliance of this song. It’s Dark and Moody and I like that. For me though it ended a little abrupt and could have done with some more light and shade in the song to make it fully engaging. Still a good strong song that is radio friendly for the under 20 year olds.




Garrett’s Comments

Now for something completely different. This to me is Lithuania’s 2010 Eurovision act InCulto minus the sexy hot pants! They have that folk/electro/pop sound.



The verse of the song lacked a punch for me on the Semi Finals but I don’t know what they did but it sounded much better – and just when it counted.

ElektroFolf Final 2

Look it seems a little like your parents have gotten up to sing and dance at a family wedding which when I have had a few pints I love it but do I do that at Eurovision – OH I DO! This is a party song and they are not ashamed of it. If they were being serious about it then it wouldn’t work BUT they aren’t. This would go down a storm at Euroclub but I think Jury members would be afraid to say they liked it but the audience LOVED it!

ElektroFolf Final


Loving the homage to the Jedward hair! Well Latvia gave ‘Lipstick’ 10 points! #JustSaying


TV Ad break and its #BeaverTime or is it #GroundHogDay all over again! You can’t make this stuff up #LovingIt. I think the Beaver is doing a mating call! Is it strange that I am turned on! No he was pretending to be a food processor. Waiter – I’m having what he’s having!



Markus RivaTake me down

Garrett’s Comments

Many Have Markus as the favourite to take the title tonight. Well it is a good omen that he has Sanna Nielsen’s ‘Undo’ lighting!


Nothing says that I am comfortable in my own skin than a giant shirtless picture of you while you sing your little heart out! The audience – including the guys – sounded like they were swooning!

Markus Shirtless


This is moody love song but Markus was smiling too much at times. Hey I would be too if I was one step away from singing on a Eurovision stage. Look he will never win the award for the best vocal performance of all time but not many will. Markus is pure pop and gave it 1000% (yes 1 thousand) with a good pop song.

Teenage girls will love him and they – according to the stats – sms the most. So he could do well with the public vote. I’m confused on who I want to win! Thank God there are only 4 singers!

There is your lot and here are the telephone numbers for you to call! Looking like a sexy police line-up here they are

Police Line-Up


Ok – They are showing local polls and pics of Markuis’ Fans – as you can see they are all girls

Markus Fans



WOW – They got Phil Collins and Genesis on Supernova and hasn’t Phil’s hair grown!

Phil CollinsGenesis

Just joking – Its Latvian superstars Bet Bet

Next up in the Interval act is DONS – He is bigger that Ed Sheeran in Latvia and twice as talented #JustSaying! He is a former Supernova contestant and I am sure we will see him on a Eurovision stage soon!




Ok – The guy in the white t-shirt looks bored. I think he needs a hug from the #RigaBeaver

They Look Bored

I want the #Ltvsupernova #RigaBeaver to call out the Latvian Results in Vienna – He #ROCKS

It’s the cool guy from Brainstorm who also presented Eurovision 2003. He now goes by the name of Prata Vetra.


Voting is closed!

#RigaBeaver Time and Man I’m Tripping!

Rigabeaver Tripping

Garrett’s Predictions

Ok – Here I go with my predictions.

My Heart says

1 – The Riga Beaver


Oh he’s not in the contest – DARN!!! I LOVE HIM!

Remember the foreign voters can vote too on the LTV Website too. Yes where you are watching this now!


My Personal Choice’s are as follows

1 – Aminata

2 – ElektroFolk

3 – Markus Riva



Let it be known I would happily like any of the 4 songs to win – great show! Even the #RigaBeaver!


I Think the Latvian Public and Jury will vote as follows

1 – Markus Riva

2 – Aminata

3 – ElektroFolk





Actual Results

Ok – Time to leave the #RigaBeaver alone

The 4 acts are back on stage for the results!!!



4th – MNTHA

3rd – ElektroFolk

2nd – Markus Riva

1st – Aminata


Bravo Aminata – See you in Vienna!



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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