Happy Valentine’s Day Eurovision

Happy Valentine's Day Eurovision

Happy Valentine’s Day Eurovision

Happy Valentine’s Day Eurovision

Valentine’s Day is upon us, meaning love is in the air and it’s (slightly more) socially acceptable to be all lovey-dovey and gooey in public! But of course, we all know that there is no greater love than that of EUROVISION! I mean, who doesn’t like being serenaded with love songs from across the continent? Unless the object of your affections is one of those weirdoes that doesn’t like Eurovision, then seriously, dump them already!!

Want to tell that special someone how much they mean to you? Declare your undying love? Set the mood for romance? Here are some suggestions for a Eurovision Valentine’s Day Playlist!!

Angel – Malta 2005

With this beautiful ballad, Chiara not only improved on her own personal best of 3rd in 1998, but also gave Malta their second placing in the Top 3 within 3 years! Soft and melodic yet powerful, this awesome aria is bound to set your intended’s heart-a-flutter!

“I’ll be your angel in your darkest night, I’ll be your destiny waiting by your side, I’ll be the sunshine when you’re feeling blue… I’m always here, for you,”

Euphoria – Sweden 2012

Loreen’s victory in Baku was practically a foregone conclusion before the contest even started and let’s face it, there just isn’t a situation where this song doesn’t ROCK!! Does your loved one make you feel euphoric? Here’s the perfect way to tell them:

“Euphoooorriiiaaaa… forever till the end of time, from now on only you and I… we’re going up, up, up, up uuuupp!!”

Casanova – Andorra 2008

Named for the legendary Italian lover, Gisela definitely made her feelings for him clear in Belgrade! While sadly it didn’t propel the tiny principality into the final, it is still an awesome song to get up and dance with your lover to!

“In a fairy-tale I found you, I’m alive when I’m around you, I can’t live if we’re apart… oh Casanova!”

Always – Azerbaijan 2009

Giving Azerbaijan their first ever Top 3 placing, Aysel and Arash gave it their all in Moscow, blending traditional Azeri music with that Eurovision pop sound we all love so dearly – a perfect way to serenade a Eurovision fan!

“You are always on my mind, always in my heart, and I can hear you call my name on a mountain high! Always on my mind, always in my dreams, I wanna hold you close to me, always all the time!”

Everything I Want – Croatia 2002

Vesna Pisarović threw some sexy shapes in Tallinn during her performance, which went on to be the highest scoring entry from the former Yugoslavia that night. The title just says it all really!

“Love is everything I want, love is everything I need, thinking of the day we met, as a sign of destiny! Love is everything I want, I believe in you and me, let me show you what I feel, because my love is real!”

My Heart Is Yours – Norway 2010

While we all know Eurovision thrives on big and flashy, never underestimate the power of simplicity. Didrik Solli-Tangen sang this romantic ballad for host country Norway and while it only earned 20th place, you can’t deny its beautiful sentiment.

“Because my heart is yours, I’ll never leave you, though we are far apart, I’m by your side… my love is never gone, I feel it rise again, through it all, now my heart is yours,”

Then, of course, there is the other end of the spectrum… he told you it’s not you, it’s him… she left you for your best friend… you came home to find they’d set fire to your clothes and taken the dogs… anyway… feeling heartbroken? Angry? Lost? Maybe even relieved ?! Eurovision does break-up songs just as well as Taylor Swift and has you covered this Valentine’s Day, whatever you may be feeling:

Is It True? – Iceland 2009

Johana’s heartfelt plea in Moscow brought Iceland a respectable 2nd place finish – matching their highest placing from Jerusalem exactly a decade before. Beautiful and emotive, if you’re feeling it, chances are you’re already sobbing along…

“Falling out of a perfect dream… coming of the blue… is it true? Is it over? Did I throw it away? Was it you? Did you tell you would never leave me this way?”

Leave Me Alone – Finland 2007

Direct and to the point, Hanna Pakarinen belted this impressive rock song out on home soil in Helsinki. Love is well and truly over, Hanna’s had enough and smirks her only consolation is she knows he’ll get what he deserves! You go girl!!

“Leave me alone! I wanna go home! The day will still come when I see you crying, ’cause you will get yours, just leave me alone!”

Make My Day – Macedonia 2005

Rather than miss his ex-lover, Martin Vučić clearly can’t wait to be rid of her! A much more upbeat break-up song, the traditional beats of Balkan music and tongue-in-cheek lyrics will surely help you get over whoever bruised your heart!

“Your cuddly toy? I am the boy who will break up with you to be free! Make my day, get away, take it all baby, please go!”

Tell Me Why – Romania 2002

Monica and Marcel sang this heart-rending duet in Tallinn, bringing Romania what was at the time, their best ever result at 9th place. Two lovers at the end of the line, wondering where it all went wrong… something a lot of us can relate to.

“Tell me why we have to say goodbye… was our love only a foolish lie? Tell me why your eyes are cold and dry… no more tears, no more fears, nothing more to share together…”

Après Toi – Luxembourg 1972

One of the Golden Oldies from Eurovision’s heyday, Vicky Leandros laments her lover leaving her, singing that after he is gone, one day she may be able to be tender, but never love again… pass the tissues! *sniff*

“After you, I can’t live anymore, I would only live remembering you… after you, I will have wet eyes, empty hands, a joyless heart…”

Quédate Conmigo – Spain 2012

Pastora Soler didn’t leave a dry eye in the house (or at least the house I was watching in) as she begged her love not to walk away in Baku. If your heart is in pieces and you know exactly how it feels, cry along with it – it really helps!

“Forgive each tear… I know I don’t deserve more… but if I don’t have you here, I don’t know how to live… stay with me, don’t go, forgive me…”

So there you have it, my suggestions for a Valentine’s Day Eurovision playlist, both for the amorous and the angry, the loving and the loathing! What do you think? Would you serenade your loved one with these songs? Got other ideas? Let us know!

Author : James Scanlan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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