Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : How to apply for tickets to the Eurosong 2015 National Final

Tickets for the The Late Late Show Eurosong Final. Photo : RTE

Tickets for the The Late Late Show Eurosong Final. Photo : RTE

IRELAND : How to apply for tickets to the Eurosong 2015 National Final.

RTE has confirmed to Eurovision Ireland that those wishing to attend the Eurosong National Final show, that must make a formal email request to the station.


You must email for an application form for tickets. 

This will be the only way to get tickets for the show so please follow the process.

We suggest you do so ASAP! #JustSaying

Judging from the reaction on our site yesterday people have very different opinions on who should win the contest from all over Europe.

Who gets your vote – Well you can vote on our International on-line poll HERE and Listen to the songs in full HERE

So get applying for your tickets NOW! Don’t say you weren’t warned!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTE

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  1. I am livid and so disappointed that TLLS is the vehicle for our selection process yet again! YAWN. I wouldn’t go to this complete shambles of a Eurosong selection if I was paid to go. Presented by a host so overrated and with no interest in the contest whatsoever with guests no doubt paid to just sit and gush about whatever is thrown up in front of them in a pokey studio with no decent sound or space to perform, this is RTE being completely out of touch and down right lazy once again. If RTE really wants to do this right (which they prove year in year out they are not capable of doing) they should get proper people in who know about the contest and what is needed in the process of selecting a song properly and I don’t mean wheeling out Linda Martin or Louise Walsh for the umpteenth time they are no more relevant to today’s Eurovision, it’s time for new blood. Once again we will be laughed at by many fans across Europe as the nation who did it well and have totally lost their way. Even the songs and singers are dated. Shame.

  2. Can they just poxy get rid of the Late Late Show and Eurosong thing. Like for god sake we are the only country to do it like this and all the contestants sound rubbish in the studio. Aswell can we have more than five acts to choose from.

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