Eurovision 2015

Romania : ATB and ‘Voice of Germany’ singer submits a song for Romanian Eurovision 2015 National selection

Ramona Nerra : Photo - Facebook

Ramona Nerra : Photo – Facebook


A new act for the Romanian National Selection.

We just had confirmation that another act officially enrolled in the chance of winning ‘Selectia Nationala’ and go all the way to represent Romania in Vienna.

Her name is Ramona Nerra, a name that Romanians might not have heard but some Germans might. She was born in Craiova (Romania), but left the country in 2003 to follow her musical career.

She participated at “The Voice of Germany” and collaborated also with the well-known band ATB on their monster hit ‘Never Give Up’

Now it appears she wants to win Romania’s heart with a beautiful ballad about family and the life’s journey, entitled ‘Trilogy of life’. Here is a taster of the lyrics
“ A season of changes and long winding roads/ Moments like this are better then gold/
The pain is forgiven – and I found (my) home”


Ramona asks you to post on her Official Facebook page if you think it is a good idea that she has submitted a song – WE SAY YES!

What do you think?


Author : Bogdan Stefan

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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