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HUNGARY : Follow our LIVE BLOG of Heat 3 in A-Dal 2015 HERE at 20:25 CET

A-Dal Heat 3 Live Rolling Blog

A-Dal Heat 3 Live Rolling Blog

Hungary – Tonight sees the third heat in this year’s A Dal competition, with 10 acts competing for 6 places in the Semi Finals. However we are also hoping that our reporter Phil Colclough from On Europe can actually predict more that 50% of the lucky acts.

He has been pretty dismal up to date but we still keep the faith and ask for a miracle that he gets BETTER!

The show begins at 20:25 CET and you can watch it on-line here. All you need to do is simply REFRESH the page to get Phil’s comments. Tonight we have set him the challenge to describe the songs in terms of “BIRDS” – The feathered kind!

Thanks Garrett! – Birds indeed, well that’s a bit cuckoo and no mistake ( you saw what I did there??) – My so-called predictions will be up shortly, and be prepared for the artists to be shuffled into draw order throughout the night!!

It appears that we have started, so lets see how eclectic the juries are this week shall we?


The 10 artists competing in tonight’s heat

Barbara Peter Listen to the universe

Phil’s Comments

Some serious hair and a Hungarian flag on her sleve for Barbara first off tonight,  It’s a very happy clappy green party anthem but it seems somewhat light on the actual substance of the song, though knowing this jury they will love it, but it has massive holes in the tune and lyric.  Nope, not for me.  Not even the background making her look like having a halo is going to help this song. Nope… But lets see how many points the jury give it. 30 points – That’s not enough to qualify.

Zoli Mujahid Beside you

Phil’s Comments

I’m no fashionista as Garrett will testify, but when the song sounds like something out of the 1980’s Song for Europe, the last thing you need is to dress like a red army cadet!, sadly this is what has happened here with this performance.  Whilst, the song is oldfashioned, it’s not a bad thing and yer man can sing the song but he needs some styling och consulting.  He wasn’t wearing this in his preview video and he may have ruined his chances. They  didn’t deduct points for his appalling style, 39 points!

Proof Of Life Hol a hatar

Phil’s Comments

Not sure what to make of this to be honest – a mix of styles coupled by a static performance on stage doesn’t really help this song and in my head, it needs some dancing Cranes…. or failing that some dancing girls in order to liven up visually the bit “when the beat drops” – and Hungarian rap sounds wrong!! – Just doesn’t help the whole performance.  Middling, i’d reckon, but the jury thinks otherwise, 37 points…. close to qualifying with that score.

BoggieWars for nothing

Phil’s Comments

A nice simple song about all wars, something that has been done to death in the contest over the years. This, however, has a haunting quality as the two girl’s voices and the male backing make great harmonies and the pleading is genuine.  Backing videos include Ebola and other “wars”… nice touch and gets the heartstrings pulled.  Jury should lap this up I’d have thought and I was right 46 points!!!

Fool MoonBack to right

Phil’s Comments

Garrett’s favourite song of this selection… but I think it’s a load of old Seagull poop. Acapella singing never goes down well and comes across as smug people trying to sing well and this song is no different.  The last song showed you that being good and clever works a treat, this is just geek chic men with glasses and pullovers trying to be “cool” – the song has nothing to it either and should fall flat on its face, and it has…. 32 points is not enough to get through as of right.

Ildiko KeresztesHazad hazam lehet

Phil’s Comments

This song needs 46 points to qualify as of right here.  As a rule, simple songs should do really well but, with an opening that could be straight out of Cats and a first verse that sounds as though it has been lifted from Evita, i’m painting the picture of this song I hope.  It’s something Lord Webber of London would have written for Cats, and then threw straight in the bin.  However, in a novel twist, the songwriters here have put guitars in for no reason and as for your singer, imagine a cross between Patricia Kass and Tina Turner…..  Nope… It’s just silly.  Though 37 points should put it on the cusp but qualifies Boogie!

Balint Gajer That’s how it goes

Phil’s Comments

Ah yes, the 1930’s comes to A Dal.  This is how to swing yourself into the next round as far as I am concerned, Even has the dancing girls to match the swing. YES YES YES, this is the best thing in this QF by miles… guaranteed not to qualify then huh? – 39 points needed and scores 40 points!!!

Other PlanetUntold story

Sadly a call of nature prevented me from seeing the first minute of this – well blogging is thirsty work you know!! – The last 90 seconds that I saw were very repetitive and it looks like a beardy man with guitars singing a ballad in pain….  I do have this to qualify though because the quality of the song should get it through and it does with 42 points.

Phil’s Comments

Kati Wolf Ne engedj el

She’s back and doing a Mamo with pictures of her on the back of the stage.  the Danish results are distracting me from this performance but vocally very strong as you would expect and I expect this to walk through to the final, and with 45 points, she has!

Phil’s Comments

SpoonKeep marching on

Phil’s Comments

And so a boy band with a song that makes you sway comes on needing more than 40 points to qualify.  It has it all… whistling, cute boys, all sorts of things and a good hook but with the quality of the songs in this quarter final, 40 points will be an ask let me tell you.   38 points!!

A jury vote vote on the entries of the night and their top 5 qualifies. A sixth entry will be chosen  via televoting and that sixth entry is…….. SPOON!


Phil’s Predictions

My six to qualify are :

Balint Gajer (Q)

Boogie (Q)

Kati Wolf (Q)

Other Planet (Q)

Spoon (Q)

Zoli Mujahid (Q)


Actual Results – Qualifiers


Balint Gajer

Other Planet

Kati Wolf

Zoli Mujahid



How did Phil do tonight?

Well thanks for asking Garrett because Phil got a FULL HOUSE of all Six!!

Author : Phil Colclough

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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