Eurovision 2015

Sweden : Follow our LIVE Rolling Blog for the first Heat of Melodifestivalen 2015 at 20:00 CET

Melodifestivalen Heat 1 - Live Rolling Blog. Photo SVT

Melodifestivalen Heat 1 – Live Rolling Blog. Photo SVT

Sweden : Follow our LIVE Rolling Blog for the first Heat of Melodifestivalen 2015.

7 acts battle it our in Gothenburg where 2 places are up for grabs for the Grand Final and 2 places for the Second Round Semi Final.

The show starts at 20:00 CET and you can watch it HERE on the SVT Site

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – You know the drill by now. Just refresh the page for our live updates. You are in my (Garrett’s) hands tonight. I promise to be gentle and to have some fun with the commentary.


7 Acts Are And LIVE BLOG



A nice montage of last year’s contest both at Melodifestivalen and at Eurovision

Sanna gives a reprise of ‘Undo’ with that classic Swedish humour.

Question? Can the hair stylist brush her hair!

Photo : SVT

Photo : SVT


And so it begins. The Swedish are suitably hyper on Red-Bull and BIG Reindeer Meatballs!

Molly Pettersson Hammar – I’ll be fine

Garrett’s Comments – Well song 1 done and Carola’s windmachine was already set to maximum!

Funky song from Molly that was more disco than schlager – and that is not a bad thing.

Dressed like a Scandi Little Red Riding Hood Molly knocked that funky number out of the park. The last note did sound like a Reindeer losing their manhood for those juicy meatballs – Yum!

Molly 1


Interlude with Philipa – The MF Roving Reporter. Linda Woodruff has competition!

Photo : SVT

Photo : SVT

Daniel Gildenlöw – Pappa

Garrett’s Comments – We are back in Middle Earth as there are no shoes on Daniel. Are you kidding me! You know how cold it is in Sweden now?

Simple and charming song but lacked a punch for me. Liked the out of tune chords – they were supposed to be there. Will the ‘Pain of Salvation’ fans vote for Daniel? Well will they be looking at Melodifestivalen?

Daniel 1


Elize Ryd & Rickard Söderberg – One by one

Garrett’s Comments – Ah Sweden have a sense of humour for sure. That song brought out that long-lost skill of “Hairography”. I cannot remember the song at all as Rickard’s mustache, beard and long hair had this shaved headed Irish man seeing green with envy.

This was Phantom of the Opera meets the circus. I wanted my candy floss. This is not going to the Big Top – soz!

Photo : SVT

Photo : SVT

Dolly Style – Hello hi

Garrett’s Comments – “I’m a Barbie Girl in a Scandi World” – yes the Swede’s are getting one over on their Aqua Danish neighbours. They look like the love children of YOHIO and we all know how that attempt ended – in a ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

Having said that this was bubble gum pop and with the winners tonight being selected by 100% televote I can see young girls like my niece going crazy for this. Dark Horse

Dolly 1


Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – Det rår vi inte för

Garrett’s Comments – This is what you call a Swedish Musical smorgasbord. This had 80’s, Pop, Funk, Rock (lite) and Rap in it. It shouldn’t work on paper but it worked on the stage.

They had the all important key change and they are easy in the eye. One of the composers is Mans Zelmerlow so expect his fans to be voting for this duo.

Photo : SVT

Photo : SVT

Jessica Andersson – Can’t hurt me now

Garrett’s Comments – ‘Can’t hurt me now’ well I wouldn’t be that certain Jessica. This was inoffensive to the point of being offensive. I think the only Midas touch to this song was spent on the dress. Next please!

Jessica 1


Eric Saade – Sting

Garrett’s Comments – Say what you want about CARLY RAE JEPSEN’s ‘Call Me Maybe’. I loved it than and I love it now in its reincarnation as ‘Sting’ by Eric Saade.

You can also see who got all the budget with the floating stage!

Eric Saade's 'Sting' - Photo : SVT

Eric Saade’s ‘Sting’ – Photo : SVT

However say what you want about Eric he knows how to put on a show and dance his tighty whitey jeans off! Who am I to argue with that! Expect this one to top the vote tonight and rightly so. If you’re reading Eric what don’t you ‘Call Me Maybe’ #JustSaying


Eric 1


That is your lot. The ‘Winner Takes it All’ – well to Stockholm at least in a few weeks time! A song from our hosts. I use song loosely as he (bless him) is trying! Voting is closed and we enjoy the interval act. Time for my predictions

Green room fun – political style. “I don’t like Russian Dolls  – they are full of themselves”


Direct to Final – I would have to say 

Eric Saade and his ‘Sting’ and Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone with ‘Det rår vi inte för’

For the Second Chance Semi Final I would have to say Molly Pettersson Hammar – ‘I’ll be fine’ and Dolly Style and ‘Hello Hi’





Ok the Top 5 songs that go through to the next round of televoting tonight are as follows

Photo : SVT

Photo : SVT


2 surprises – Molly down in 6th place and Elize and Rickard getting through to the next stage of the voting tonight. There is a POP revolution taking place in Gothenburg. Get the Schlager police out ASAP 😉

The second round of votes are now in


Direct to Final

Eric SaadeSting

Eric 1


Jessica Andersson – Can’t hurt me now

Jessica 1


Second Chance Semi Final

Dolly Style – Hello hi

Dolly 1


Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – Det rår vi inte för

Photo : SVT

Photo : SVT


Ok I got 3 out of 4. I didn’t see Jessica coming in so strong with the Swedish audience. Her Eurovision heritage with the band Fame in 2001 obviously has kept her in the Swedish minds.


Did Sweden get it right? Have we seen a winner of Melodifestivalen? Is there a Eurovision winner there? Let us know. Hope you enjoyed the night.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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