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Welcome to the Blog for Cyprus’s quest for Eurovision glory. Sit back while our Elaine Dove describes all the action in her own stylee.

You know the drill by now – Just hit Refresh to update her musings.

Ahhh it’s nice to be back! I took a year out last year to “find myself” but i was not that impressed with what I found so I decided to grace Eurovision Ireland with my presence once again. I hope you enjoy my casual laid back approach to blogging. I like to think of myself as informative with a heavy dose of sarcasm – the perfect blend I feel 🙂


So tonight I am in Cyprus and have been treated to a dance version of Rise Like a Phoenix for starters – sit back, relax and enjoy!

The running order for the show is

  • Hovig-Stone In A River
  • Doody-Magic
  • Panagiotis Koufogiannis- Without Your Love
  • Minus One –Shine
  • Giannis Karagiannis- One Thing That I Should Have Done
  • Charis Savva & Nearchos Evaggelou –Dila Den Agapo

First up is Stone In The River – Thank you for a bit of tottie to welcome me back into the fold. This is a dramatic ballad and Hovig is all dark and moody and dreamy. It was a strong opener to the final – pleasing on the ear and the eye. On my live link the visual is about 3 seconds behind the audio which is making for some amusing moments with dramatic hand gestures out of time with the music but I cannot blame my dodgy link on Hovig. It was very Michael Buble in style and I enjoyed it. Did not shout winner to me but I have not heard the other 5 offerings yet.

Next up is Magic – Oh dear oh dear boys! This was anything but magic in my opinion. The styling of this boy band is that of a cool urban group but unfortunately the song was incredibly bland. The vocal was very out of tune and the lead singer only really looked comfortable when bursting into rap near the end. It was kind of like the boys from Busted singing a Boyzone song – it just didn’t work. The only link to magic that springs to mind is a quote from the legend that is Paul Daniels-  “You’ll like it – Not a Lot”

Now for Without Your Love – Panagiotis Koufogiannis gives a heart wrenching performance of an old fashioned ballad. It has the perfect ingredients of a Eurovision song but from 30 years ago! There was a dramatic key change that would have the Schlagerboys in a screaming frenzy but it is just not modern enough to jump up and grab me. Vocally it was a great performance and the camera loves him. I cannot see this challenging for the win – but I have been known to be wrong (on many occasions)

Now for SHINE – I know what you are thinking – not SHINE again – but this is in a different class to any of it’s predecessors and any other song in the final so far. Its a rock song, it’s up-tempo and the performance is great. Stands out a mile so far and would be a great addition to Eurovision 2015 in Vienna – I hope to see Minus One there

Next is One Thing That I Should Have Done – I would describe this whole performance as pretty – the singer and the song. It just did not go anywhere in my humble opinion. It was kinda cute but I feel if you are going to go with a ballad then it needs to pack a punch but this was no knock out! I think Hovig is winning the battle of the male ballads tonight.

Last up is Dila Den Agapo A dramatic ballad and the only duet in the competition. The vocal performance was brilliant and both artists put their heart and soul into the song. In the background there were people who looked like they were fighting their way out of giant white morph suits which was all a bit weird – I believe its called “artistic” these days. This song builds and builds to a powerful finale and would do well in Vienna.

Well I have survived my first National Final of 2015 – I hope you enjoyed it with me. I suppose I now have to make my predictions. For those who know of my previous work you will know I have a less than successful track record but I am willing as ever to put my credibilty on the line and give it a bash so here goes

My Predictions are

Winner – Shine

2nd – Dila Den Agapo

3rd – Stone in a River

4th – One Thing I should Have Done

5th – Without Your Love

6th – Magic

The result is in and true to form I got it totally wrong the winning ticket yo Vienna goes to

Giannis Karagiannis with One Thing That I Should Have Done

Author: Elaine Dove

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