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Andrej Babić confirms his return for Eurovision 2015 selections – but for which country?

Andrej Babic. Photo : Facebook

Andrej Babic. Photo : Facebook

Mention the words Andrej Babić and many people get excited at the prospect of another Eurovision entry.


Andrej Babić is a composer that has written songs for national entries at Eurovision for 4 countries – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Portugal. However what country will he be trying to represent at Eurovision 2015?

Andrej Babic at Eurovision

Andrej Babic at Eurovision


The composer has announced today on social media that he is the composer of the song for Martina Majerle in EMA 2015 in Slovenia. Babic has worked with Martina before in 2009 on the song ‘Love Symphony’ for Slovenia.

As for Martina – Well as we told you yesterday Martina is a Croatian singer, well-known by many fans at Eurovision. Her first step on the Eurovision stage she made back in 2003, when she was backing singer for Croatian Claudia Beni, the very next one was Eurovision 2007, when she performed as a backing singer again, this time with Alenka Gotar for Slovenia, next year with Stefan Filipović for Montenegro (again as a backup singer), but when Eurovision moved to Russia, in 2009, she finally represented Slovenia, as a lead vocal, along with Quartissimo, with their entry “Love Symphony”.

Two years later she made her comeback with the Slovenian delegation as a backup singer in 2011, the same story happened with Eva Boto (Slovenia 2012), and in 2014 for Montenegro, together with Sergej Ćetković. Is it time to see her again as a lead vocal?


So is this going to be a classic Babic collaboration again and for Slovenia? Not long to find out now.


Author : Jan Vehar

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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