We get serious in Cyprus tonight for Eurovision 2015 Selection with a Shady Lady and Papa Schlager

Cypriot Eurovision 2015 National Final Details. Photo : showtime-cy

Cypriot Eurovision 2015 National Final Details. Photo : showtime-cy

Cyprus are all set for a Eurovision show down as they now get to the serious stages of their selection for Eurovision 2015. They have a little help from the creator of ‘Shady Lady’ and the one and only ‘Papa Schlager’!

Hosting the show will be the ever glamorous Antri Karantoni and the 4 regular judges have two very special guests to their selection panel. 

Dimitris Kontopoulos – composer for Ukraine 2008 — “Shady Lady” — and writer for Greece 2009 “This Is Our Night” –  and Christer Bjorkman  whom everyone knows as the executive producer of Melodifestivalen in Sweden.

Safe to say that the 6 judges will know what will work at Eurovision!

The show starts at 21:20 CET and you can watch LIVE HERE and we will be hosting a LIVE BLOG for the night’s show and make sure to use the Twitter Hashtag #EurovisionCy

Want to see who is now in the running?


1) Eva Diva – “Come and Fight for Freedom”

2) Aimili Charalambous – “Right In”

3) Charalampos “Luna” Iosif – “I Wanna Dance” (I Say Tempo)

4) Maria Evangelou – “Still”

5) Christina Tselepou – “In These Arms”

6) Valence – “Scared”

7) Pieros Kezou – “Said It All Before”

8) Maria Maskofian and Christiana X’ Ioardanous – “Sailing Ships Pirates And Dragons”

9) Ioanna Protopapa – “Beat Of My Heart”

10) Eleni Irakleous – “Dawn”

11) Doody – “Magic”

12) Nearchos Evangelou feat. Charis Savva – “Deila Den Agapo”

13) Christos Rialas – “Meine”

14) Minus One – “Shine”

15) Giannis Karagiannis – “One thing I Should Have Done”

16) Apollonia – “Don’t give up on me – Just yet”

17) Yuri Melikov – “Victorious”

18) Hovig – “Stone In A River”

19) Panagiotis Koufogiannis – “Without Your Love”

20) Kyriakos Georgiou – “Shake Dat”


Tonight we will hear the songs in their entirety and 10 will progress to the next stage. The Judges have a tough and long night ahead of them.


What songs have you enjoyed most from the short clips? Is there a clear favourite? Is there a potential Eurovision winner there?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : CyBC

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