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Lithuania : “What do you exactly need to win the “Eurovision” song contest?” – Designer Aleksandras Pogrebnojus answers.

inculto . Photo :

inculto . Photo :

“What do you exactly need to win the Eurovision Song Contest asks Lithuania?

The country will take part at “Eurovision” for the 16th time this year. Lithuanian fans hope for that day when they will win the contest. They may not have YET come close to taking home the grand prix but they are still but we are still very optimistic! Maybe this year?

Laura Čepukaitė.  Photo :

Laura Čepukaitė. Photo : spoke to Lithuanian designer Aleksandras Pogrebnojus about this very topic and looked at Eurovision and Style!

What influence to “Eurovision” participants popularity make their style and stage costumes? In year 2006 “Eurovision” winners “Lordi” surprised everyone with their impressive demonic costumes and heavy metal music. Whereas in year 2009 Alexander Rybak won the contest being simple as snow-drop. Rules of success in the contest are hardly perceptible. What do you exactly need to win the “Eurovision” song contest?

Well known Lithuanian fashion and costume designer Aleksandras Pogrebnojus has a very clear opinion about this. As he says stage costume is a very important part of the performance but the most important is performers charisma and energy.

“In my deep belief costumes did not give any luck or bad luck to any of the Lithuanian participants at the “Eurovision” song contest. It is not about that! Though I can highlight the young man with beret and colourful sweater (Aivaras Stepukonis ), who created some mystic “Ramtadrilia” style – the costume was not a good choice.

I believe a performers charisma matters the most in this international music contest. Look at the “LT United” band – I thought and still think that the style of these guys was boring, but the milkshake from their charisma and experience gave the best result of all.

Signals from charismatic performer go straight to people’s mind and they enjoy it. Song and style from others flies like some comet which lost its way beyond the sun even if it has a very shiny and sparkly tail.

I can only be very happy about the opportunity I had at the “Eurovision” song contest – to outrun famous French fashion designer Jean Pol Gaultier. He dressed up french participants in the contest and we together with “4FUN” band were one place higher than France. Three times hurrah!!!”.

With Lithuania opening their Eurovision 2015 selection marathon we hope to see them select a song that takes them to the Grand Final and possibly take top spot at the contest.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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