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Malta : It looks as it they could be back for Eurovision 2016!

Ekklesia Sister Consider a return to Eurovision Selection. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Ekklesia Sister Consider a return to Eurovision Selection. Photo : Eurovision Ireland

Ok brace yourselves. The rumours circulating Malta this week is that they could be back competing for Eurovision 2016. But who could that be I hear you ask? There is only one possible answer to that question that is on everyone’s minds.

Yes we are still here in the beautiful island of Malta for another week and the news on the local media is that The Ekklesia Sisters are considering a possible return to the Maltese Eurovision selection for 2016.

We met with our favourite Sisters after the Maltese National Final last Saturday and we asked them that question. As always they were wonderful in their reaction and thanked everyone for their support as their participation in the contest has highlighted the amazing work that they do with Children on the island.

They then thought once was enough. However the public reaction to them has been so positive not only here in Malta but around Europe that they seem to be reconsidering.

Maltese media are saying that they are now open to the prospect of a return to the contest. We here a Eurovision Ireland told the Ekklesia Sisters that we would return next year to the Maltese National Selection and film the work that they do with the local children and of course urge them to re-enter the Eurovision race. It looks like this could be on the cards!

Eurovision is for everyone and especially those who are such great fun! Our video interview with the Ekklesia Sisters seems to be going viral and people love what they stand for. This could be ‘Party for everybody dance’ the sequel.

Get them back in the Maltese Selection in 2016!

What do you think? Should the Ekklesia Sisters come back to the Maltese Eurovision selection?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. When will you ask for new songs for the Eurovision contest (2016) for Malta ? and what is the closing date ? and does the composer have to be from Malta ?

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