Ireland : Listen to The Earth Singers entry ‘A Day of Love’ for Eurosong 2015

RTE - Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

RTE – Eurovision 2015. Photo : RTE

The Earth Singers are a group of singers that have just published their song ‘A Day of Love’ that they have entered into the Irish song for the Irish Eurovision 2015 selection,

Who are The Earth Singers?

Well they are Remuziq and The Earth Singers to be exact. ‘A Day Of Love’ features the vocal collaborations from Anna Folkesson (Sweden), Nancy Owens (US), Pina Kollars (Austria), Fiachra Shanks (Ireland), Viktor Krstevski (Macedonia) and Remuziq.

This is a very interesting collaboration and style of music. Part Gospel and part Country this is something new and with the right staging The Common Linnets showed that country music can do well at Eurovision.

Let us know what you think of ‘A Day of Love’?


Here are the lyrics to the song


We are standing at the crossroads
of planetary fate
where the power of humanity
has never been so great

but with all this might and power
comes responsibility
we alone are the keepers,
but first we must be free.

On this day we will be free
from the lines dividing you and me
in a universal day of love
soon we will be free, soon we will be free

We are living in the shadow
of what this world can be
with amazing new technology
we’re waking up to see

to a world full of plenty
where you can be just what you want to be
where the greatest gift is laughter
and everything is free..

there’s animals and people
birds singing in the trees
we’re all sons and daughters of the Earth
we’ll work together again on this day…

On this day we will be free
from the lines dividing you and me
in a universal day of love
soon we will be free soon we will be


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Sorry to be negative but seriously this a nothing song,nf rest vocals and all but I can’t see how this could get anywhere near the left hand side of the score board at ESC if it somehow qualified and if say this would suffer a similar faith as 3 minutes to earth did in 2014. Sorry for negativity but I’m just voicing my opinion and TBH when I see some of the other possibilities like Ryan DolanETC I’m not worried about our chances this year.

    • Even though I like this song and think that it has great potential, when you look at the competition coming from Ryan Dolan, Krystal Mills, Nikki Kavanagh, LIIR and Coco de Aine, this would be easily vanished in Eurosong if it got past the juries at RTE.

      Even though I see great potential for this group, when you look at the talent in the Eurosong sphere, this will be easily vanished TBH.

  2. Sorry song does nothing for me.
    As for international appeal.

    Nobody really gives a 2p where the singers are from.. is purely song and singers !!

    This is the sort of song you’d hear as you collect the frozen peas in TESCOS.

  3. Song Appeal: A gospel and country mix that seems to work quite well. The sounds of nature sound really nice as well. If this goes to Vienna, there is a good chance this will qualify because of the song’s originality.

    Vocal Strength: Their harmonies are really nice and each of the singers bring their own unique twist to the song. This could stand to the group should they get to Vienna.

    Staging Potential: I can see some very good staging potential with this song. If they can get it right, it wouldn’t be of any surprise Ireland had a nice position on the left hand side of the scoreboard come May.

    Televote Appeal: I think this band could prove quite strategically clever in the sense that they have a member from Sweden, Austria, Ireland and FYR Macedonia. This will obviously be an additional element to the amount of votes they get. But otherwise, the viewers across Europe are going to want to hear something that has never been heard at Eurovision before. So, if this is presented well, I have a lot of faith in the Earth Singers should they go to Vienna in May.

    Jury Appeal: The juries look for something new and something that has never been heard at the Eurovision Song Contest. Ireland has sent a number repetitive songs in recent years (EG: Can Linn, Ryan Dolan ETC.). But this is something new and fresh. So again, if we can get the presentation spot on, the juries will put this in VERY high regard.

    If this is sent, I get a feeling that it will be looked down upon at first. With some people calling it a non qualifier. But then it will give us the same impact as the Common Linnets this year and ignite the top of the scoreboard. 🙂

    Good luck to the Earth Singers.

      • Another thing with regards to the televoting appeal is that you have young members in the group and slightly older members of the group. So that should resonate fairly well with general audiences across Europe.

        Also, the fact that Pina is from Austria might also give Ireland a really good incentive to do very well in the final because they have a member of the band who is from the host country.

        Having a band where the band members are from all different countries across Europe sees big promotional chances as well. Big advantages here.



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