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Spotlight on Skopjefest – We look at the angelic Tanja Carovska

Tanja Carovska. Photo : Wikipedia

Tanja Carovska. Photo : Wikipedia

Spotlight on Skopjefest – we look at Tanja Carovska aka “the girl with the angelic voice”.

Tanja was born in Resen in Macedonia and now works between Macedonia and London. She writes and produces music that ranges from pop to Balkan and Byzantine harmonic styles.

You will no doubt have heard her voice before and not realised it. Her vocals and arrangements have been used by none other than the Academy award-winning composer James Horner for Wolfgang Petersen’s  epic movie Troy. The end titles of the film include a duet between Tanja and Josh Groban that was produced by Grammy Award Wining songwriter and producer David Foster.

She was the featured vocalist in Academy award-nominee John Debney’s score for Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and also collaborated with the same composer on his soundtrack for Sony PlayStation’s Lair.

She has worked and performed with Zohar, the group led by composer Erran Baron Cohen.

In her song-writing Tanja often combines Macedonian traditional melodies with her original contemporary English lyrics. Her first album of original songs was called ‘No Record of Wrong’ and was a critical and commercial success.

Is Eurovision 2015 the next stop for this talented singer? We shall know tomorrow and we will be live in Skopje so make sure to #JoinUs

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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