Eurovision 2014

‘Boom’ and the Swiss Eurovision 2015 Song Selection gets interesting

The Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection goes 'Boom'. Photo : Wikipedia

The Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection goes ‘Boom’. Photo : Wikipedia

‘Boom’ and the Swiss Eurovision selection just gets a great dance song courtesy of Michael James from Spain via Northern Ireland.

People forget that you get 3 minutes to sell a song to Europe and 3 minutes to get into their head! Hey mission accomplished as far as ‘Boom’ goes. This is a ‘song bomb’ as my friends would say as once it explodes in your head it is there forever!

A great retro feel with the electronic keyboards yet a modern dance filler. I can see a Eurovision audience in Vienna busting a move (or of the older fan busting a hip) as you can’t help but get tapping a foot or shaking a shoulder to this song.

‘Boom’ is written by Michael James Down,  Primoz Poglajen and final arrangement by Niklas Hast. Michael and Primoz have had songs in countless national Eurovision finals across Europe with other singers and have come second too many times to mention. Can they make it on their own this time around?

For me the first song in the Swiss selection that I can remember after one playing of the song and that my dear friends is what you need at Eurovision!

You can check out Michael’s song and others on the Swiss Eurovision Platform

Liking this song a lot!

What do you think?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Support your own .. support RAFI’s track won the lottery for the moon .. filmed in Dublin superb quirky track

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