Eurovision 2014

Eurovision versus ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – Week 3 : The Results

Caroline Flack - Strictly Come Dancing. Caroline Flack, Pasha Kovalev Photo: Guy Levy/BBC

Caroline Flack – Strictly Come Dancing. Caroline Flack, Pasha Kovalev Photo: Guy Levy/BBC

We are up to the third week of dancing (well if you could call some of last night’s attempts dancing) on the BBC’s tv show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and our 3 Eurovision personalities took to the floor last night. It was movie night and trust me there were plenty of horrors on show!

So what happened to Simon Webbe (Blue – UK ESC 2011), Caroline Flack (BBC ESC commentator) and Scott Mills (BBC ESC presenter)?

Simon Webbe

Simon took on the role of Tom Cruise from Top Gun and danced the Rumba to the movie’s classic song ‘Take My Breath Away’. Well I am still breathing as this didn’t really pack a lot of punch. It was a good effort at the rumba but it didn’t wow me. You just look at Simon and you know that those hips should have one hypnotised yet I was fully awake. The judges seemed to think the same. This week there were 5 judges as Singer Donny Osmond was a guest judge. Simon got 30 points out of 50 putting him in 9th place.

We gave Simon a ‘could do better’ 6 points


Caroline Flack

Caroline also did the Rumba but this time to Aerosmith’s hit ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ from Armageddon. Well let me just say that Caroline shook my world as that was hotter than a meteorite hurtling towards Earth faster than Bucks Fizz can whip off a skirt or two. She nailed it for me! The Judges gave her 42 points out of 50 putting her in 3rd place.

We gave Caroline a shattering 8 points


Scott Mills

Scot danced the Samba to ‘Under The Sea’ from The Little Mermaid. Let me say that I haven’t been as terrified as anything from under the sea since I saw ‘Jaws’. Dressed as a crab the only way to enjoy this performance is to cook him alive and serve with some dip. This ‘Rock Lobster’ really needs to start dancing or he should swim off to the sunset or at least back to his Radio show. The judges gave Scott 25 points out of 50 putting him in 11th place.

Sorry Scott – Love you on the radio talking about Eurovision but as for dancing it has to be a claw pinching 2 points.


So the public votes were added in tonight!

The first couple announced to be in the bottom 2 was Simon Webbe to the gasps of the audience! Caroline and Scott made it through and were not in the bottom 2.

So who did Simon have to face in the ‘Dreaded Dance Off’?

For the second week in a row it was Jennifer Gibney from the tv show ‘Mrs Borwn’s Boys’.


After the judges voted it was Jennifer who left the contest. Her dance was ‘Mama Mia’ from Eurovision’s own Abba. So our Eurovision trio narrowly make it through to week 4!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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