Bulgaria return with the song ‘Planetata na detsata’

Bulgaria JESC 2014 Photo : www.shutterstock.com

Bulgaria JESC 2014 Photo : http://www.shutterstock.com

Bulgaria return to the contest with the song ‘Planetata na detsata’ or ‘Planet of the Children’. Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim have been entrusted with the honour of bringing Bulgaria back to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since their last appearance in 2011 when they placed 8th.

Krisia Marinova Todorova will sing the song while brothers Hasan and Ibrahim will perform piano accompaniment. The song is about a fairy willing to wake the child inside everyone because wars do not exist on the children’s planet, but goodness only.

The song is composed by Ku-Ku Band with lyrics by Slavi Trifonov. Do those names sound familiar to you? They should. In 2005 Slavi Trifonov participated in the Bulgarian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in a duet with Sofi Marinova (Bulgaria Eurovision 2012). When it came to perform their song “unity”, they took to the stage and Trifonov announced in an emotional speech that they felt that the national selection was not transparent. They came second with their song ‘Unity’.

As for Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim – we are again bowled over by the breath of talent at this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Krisia is a ‘Diva in the Making’ – what a voice! She has almost 6 million YouTube hits so far for her previous performances and that is due to this killer performance of Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’ #WOW

Furthermore she showed Miley Cyrus how her song ‘Wrecking Ball’ should be sung live. Nice to hear this song performed in key for a change!

What is very interesting is the number of Eurovision song writers involved with this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest and how high the standard is in the contest!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : JuniorEurovision.TV


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