Eurovision 2014

Spain : “I plan to return to Eurovision within 3 years” – Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo
Respective Broadcasters/EBU

Ruth Lorenzo confounded the critics and won the Spanish National Selection for Eurovision 2014 and brought the country to the Top 10 in the contest.

Hours ago she gave a tv interview to FormulaTV in Spain on the red carpet at the Neox Fan Awards. In the interview she said “I plan to return to Eurovision within 3 years”.

It was no surprise to us as she definitely fell in love with the contest in Copenhagen. So expect to see her making a play for the Spanish ticket to the contest again.

You can watch the interview on FormulaTV HERE

Ruth’s new song ‘Gigantes’ got its first airplay in Spain recently and we #LoveIt (read our review HERE) and her new album Planeta Azul is released on October 27th.

Would you like to see Ruth back at the contest within 3 years?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Formula TV

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