Eurovision 2012

The Netherlands : Listen to Joan Franka’s post Eurovision song ‘Nigel’

Joan Franka - 'Nigel'. Photo : Joan Franka Facebook

Joan Franka – ‘Nigel’. Photo : Joan Franka Facebook

Our favourite Eurovision singing Indian is back! Joan Franka should have made the Grand Final at Eurovision 2012 with her song ‘You and Me’. However we are over that heartache and now as Joan returns with a new song.

‘Nigel’ is the Joan Franka’s new song and it is again another beautifully sentimental love song. Not as uptempo as her ‘You and Me’ but a beautifully crafted ballad.

“Hold on to the night, There’s magic in your eyes, I’m falling down with a smile” this is a love song to a man called Nigel. Like her Eurovision song – that was written about one of Joan’s first childhood loves – I wonder if Nigel is another love lost as Joan sings “Nigel this is your song. I hope you sing along”

What a haunting ballad. Simple is sometimes the best way to go and this is a master class in that. A lone piano and a cello accompany Joan’s stunning voice. A lilting and memorable song this song stays with you. I just don’t want the song to finish each time I play it.

It may have been a wait for a new song from Joan but it has been so worth it!

You can listen to and download  ‘Nigel’ on Spotifty and iTines NOW.

Marks out of 12 – It has to be a 12 points and is our recommendation of the week.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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