Eurovision 2013

George Ezra and Eurovision in Sweden

George Ezra - 'Budapest'. Photo ; Wikipedia

George Ezra – ‘Budapest’. Photo ; Wikipedia

George Ezra and Eurovision. Something that we were not expecting the young British singer-songwriter to reveal on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show last night but the ‘Budapest’ singer was all confessions.

On the show last night in the UK, George Ezra spoke of how his monster hit ‘Budapest’ was written due to Eurovision in Malmo in 2013. The singer was staying in Malmo the week of the 2013 contest – though he admitted that he knew nothing of the song contest. That in itself says a lot about where the BBC needs to expand its tv audience.


George Ezra - 'Budapest'. Photo : Twitter

George Ezra – ‘Budapest’. Photo : Twitter

However Ezra said that his Swedish friends took him to one of the live outdoor broadcasts of the 2013 contest in Malmo the night of the Grand Final. He got into the spirit or spirits of the night where he said that they bought a bottle of rum and enjoyed the show. So much so that Ezra was supposed to be travelling to Budapest the following day but didn’t make it due to his post Eurovision celebration excesses. Here is the show from last night – scroll through to 33 minutes.

So if it hadn’t been for Eurovision then we wouldn’t have had ‘Budapest’. How life and Eurovision moves in mysterious ways!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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