Eurovision 2014

‘Eurovision’ versus ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ – Week 1

Simon Webbe and Scott Mills Strictly Come Dancing 2014. Photo : BBC

Simon Webbe and Scott Mills Strictly Come Dancing 2014. Photo : BBC

Can those costumes be tighter, have more sequins and feather boas – And that is just the men! Yes it is ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on the BBC. We are on ‘Strictly Eurovision’ watch following Eurovision commentator Scott Mills and Blue’s Simon Webbe (Woof)!

Scott Mills took to the dance floor last night shaking his hips to Robbie William’s ‘Rock DJ’. What did the judges think of the performance?

Len said ” A dance better on the radio…no rhythm or footwork” – OUCH!! – Score 5 Points

Bruno chanted “Erotic and Euphoric – more Neurotic” – Score 5 Points

Craig scowled ” The zimmer frame has more movement” – HeHe – Score 2 Points

Darcy tried to recover the situation with “Better in the nightclub than in the ballroom” – Score 4 Points

That total score of 16 points had Scott at the bottom of the leader board from Friday night’s performance.


Our comments on Scott’s performance

Well we thought that Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Stannah stairlift’ on the stage in Malmo that took her to the roof at Eurovision, had more movement and rhythm than Scott Mills’ performance. If he dances like that again then we must insist he ‘Don’t play that song again’ and learn how to ‘Shake It’. Could do so much better. Our Score 3 Points


Blue. Photograph courtesy of Attitude Magazine

Blue. Photograph courtesy of Attitude Magazine


Simon Webbe was busting the Jive to ‘Good Golly Miss Molly (Smitten Downs – I couldn’t resist)’

What did the judges say?

Craig – “You were pounding the floor or you will get shin splints Darling” – Score 6 Points

Darcy – “You have flair” – Score 7 Points

Len – “Liked your flicks, kicks and tricks” – Score 7 Points

Bruno – “You were like a frisky rabbit” – Score 7 Points

That gave Simon a total score of 27 points.


Our comments of Simon performance

It was ‘Blue, Blue, Blue Johnny Blue’. Never mind the ‘Lady in Red’ we were concentrating on Simon’s red suit that we are sure could be seen from space. We think that it was ‘Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit’ and there is more to come from Simon. Our Score 7 Points


So after all 15 couples had performed Simon was in joint 3rd place on 27 points and Scott was last on 16 points. All scores are out of a possible 40 points.

Our Eurovision men will be back next week for there second performance!

What did you think of Simon and Scott’s performances?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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