Belarus confirm participation at Eurovision 2015

Belarus At Eurovision 20154. Photo

Belarus At Eurovision 2015. Photo

Belarus haven’t satisfied their sweet tooth for Eurovision success just yet. BTRC (National Broadcaster of Belarus) have confirmed that they will be participating at Eurovision 2015.

Since their début at Eurovision in 2004, Belarus have qualified for the Grand Final on 4 occasions including this year with Teo and his ‘Cheesecake’. This though means that they have missed out on qualifying 7 times from the semi-finals.

Their best result to date has been Koldun’s ‘Work your magic’ in 2007 that placed 6th at the contest in Helsinki. Belarus have become synonymous with changing their singers and songs for Eurovision after they have been selected. If you have missed their history of changing their acts for Eurovision then take a look at our ‘History of Belarus Changing Their Eurovision Songs‘ Not in 2014 as Teo won the vote and went to Eurovision with the same song from their the National Final.

Belarus have favoured national finals in the past yet there are no details on how their selection will be made for 2015.

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESCtoday

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