Eurovision 2014

‘I Don’t Love You’ – Get over it Elaiza!

Elaiza - 'I don't love you'. Photo : Elaiza Facebook

Elaiza – ‘I don’t love you’. Photo : Elaiza Facebook

I told them in Copenhagen but they just wouldn’t listen – Elaiza ‘I Don’t Love You’ and the restraining order said 100 meters distance at all times! However they seem to have taken my words to heart and have released their Eurovision follow-up song and I have to say I think they are winning me over!

Elaiza were the big surprise at the German 2014 Eurovision national selection and many people questioned ‘Is it right’ that they beat Unheilig for the ticket to Copenhagen. I said “Hell Yeah”.

Their new song ‘I don’t love you’ continues my love affair of that thing with folds and flaps – yes the ACCORDION! This song has a tinge of the melancholy to it while at the same time being a true schlager song at heart. These are a trio that I am impressed with.

‘I don’t love you’ is a well crafted song and not just a cover version of their own Eurovision song. They have created a niche and distinguishable sound for themselves as not many other bands out there are using the double bass and accordion these days.

With a tour planned for Germany and Switzerland – Elaiza should see their popularity grow nationally.

Marks out of 12 – we give it 8 points.

You can download ‘I don’t love you’ on iTunes and Amazon


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Loved this one since the album came out 😀 Although I wish they’d released “Goodbye” as a single instead, it’s by far the best track on the album!! There’s still time I guess 😛

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