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The Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection Timetable

Switzerland Begin their Eurovision 2015 Process. Photograph courtesy of

Switzerland Begin their Eurovision 2015 Process. Photograph courtesy of

Switzerland is known for their chocolate, fresh air and timekeeping. It’s their timekeeping that we need to talk about as they have their full Eurovision 2015 selection process mapped out.

It is almost as complex as selection a song in Lithuania but stick with me on this one. So here is the Swiss Eurovision 2015 Selection calendar in an easy to follow guide – hopefully!


  • September 9th – October 27th – RTS will accept entries for the Swiss/French selection process. RTS will publish an ESC Website shortly with details – September 29th the Site will be up and running
  • October 27th – November 20th – RTS internal jury will select 12 songs to progress in the RTS selection process
  • November 20th – RTS will present the 12 shortlisted songs on a special radio broadcast and evaluate them with a jury
  • December 7th – Live on-line auditions where 18 acts will perform live for the Jury in Zürich. 9 acts from SRF/RTR, 6 Acts from RTS and 3 Acts from RSI.
  • January 31st 2015 – Swiss Eurovision National Final in Kreuzlingen with the remaining 6 acts (3 acts from RTR/SRF, 2 acts from RTS and 1 act from RSI) The winner will be selected via a 50/50 jury and public televote.


After all that we hope that Switzerland will make the Grand Final at Eurovision like they did this year with Sebalter.

Switzerland hosted and won the first ever Eurovision song contest in 1956 when Lys Assia won the contest with the song ‘Refrain’ in the city of Lugano. Wouldn’t it be poetic if they won the 60th Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESCtoday

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