Eurovision 2014

‘The Wolf of Wall Street – opps Hungary – Returns!


Kati Wold - Hungarian Eurovision Representative 2011. Photograph courteys of

Kati Wold – Hungarian Eurovision Representative 2011. Photograph courteys of

The Wolf of Wall Street – oops Hungary – returns. Well as this is a Eurovision website then this can’t be about the Hollywood exploits of Leonardo DiCaprio and more about Ms Kati Wolf who represented Hungary at Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf.

Wolf was one of the pre contest favourites with her very Whitney Houston inspired song ‘What About My Dreams’. It wasn’t meant to be that year but with her new song ‘Nyár van!’ I really ‘wanna dance with somebody’.

What a great pop song ‘Nyár van!/It’s Summertime’ is. It has a funky Jackson 5 piano vibe coupled with hints of Whitney Houston with those great vocal acrobatics.



‘Pop Music’ is not a dirty word and when a song like ‘Nyár van!’ comes along you can appreciate it for what it is – a happy well crafted song that just gets you tapping along to the beat. It may sound easy to do but many try to yet many fail. However this offering from Kati Wolf ticks all the boxes for me.

Furthermore it reminds me of what Eurovision used to be about  – THE SONG. I haven’t got a clue what Ms Wolf is singing about as I don’t speak Hungarian, but I can tell you that language comes second to the music and the voice and this scores high on both.

Kati has been living abroad due to her husband’s work but she is now back home and promises more new music. If they are as good as ‘Nyár van!’ then I will be one happy person. You can download the song on iTunes now.

Welcome back Kati Wolf!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and


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