Eurovision 2014

The Netherlands : Listen to The Common Linnets Eurovision follow-up song

The Common Linnets - Give Me A Reason. Photo : The Common Linnets Facebook

The Common Linnets – Give Me A Reason. Photo : The Common Linnets Facebook


The last time I was excited about a new song from a Dutch band it was back in 1990’s and I cringe in saying this it was by The Vengaboys! Not anymore! The Common Linnets have announced their Eurovision follow-up song to the massively successful ‘Calm After The Storm’. They may have placed second in the contest but they have been #1 in many parts of Europe. So what is their new song?

‘Give me a reason’ is the new song from The Common Linnets. It is of course a modern country song but it has a great blues and rock-n-roll feeling to it with a prominent gospel organ – “Can you give me a hallelujah!”

Dare I say it but this is a far more instantly likable song than ‘Calm after the storm’ and its at times a funky country sounding tune. I can get my groove on to this song. Isle’s vocals are sensational on the song and you can really hear the full range and tone in her voice that you didn’t get the opportunity to fully experience at Eurovision.

This is a song for women as it’s about a woman telling her man (or woman) that she wants answers to her questions and demands that you “look me in the eye”. This is European Country music at its best.

You can hear the happy yodeling twists in Ilse’s vocals that just make this a winner for me. Get ready to be hear ‘Give me a reason’ a lot across the airwaves – trust me!

Marks out of 12 – ‘Give me a reason’ not to give this DOUZE POINTS and it is therefore our recommendation of the week.

Bravo The Common Linnets


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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