Eurovision 2014

SWEDEN : Robin Stjernberg channels his own Pharrelle’s Happiness in his ‘Body Language’ Video

Robin Stjernberg - Body Language Video Shoot. Photo : Robin Stjernberg Facebook

Robin Stjernberg – Body Language Video Shoot. Photo : Robin Stjernberg Facebook

SWEDEN – Robin Stjernberg channels hi inner Pharrelle’s Happiness in his new video for his song ‘Body Language’. With a tag line on Facebook today Robin says “This video is about enjoying life and yourself no matter who you are and where you’re from. Share the happiness!”

Just look at the video and you will understand. Who knew Robin was such a great dancer!

Robin Stjernberg’s ‘Body Language’ is “Smokin Hot” even hotter than a Kardashian on a red carpet! The Swedish Eurovision 2013 singer returns with his new song ‘Body Language’ that makes ‘You’ seem like a far distant memory. Don’t believe me then take a look at the great new video he has released.

‘You’ brought us a wholesome Stjernberg while ‘Body Language’ is a far sexier man who seems to have found his voice and more importantly his mojo. If you had expected a Schlager song then you will be disappointed. What you get instead is a far superior funky song that is a throwback to the disco dance floors on the late 1970’s.

Where ‘You’ introduced you to the voice, ‘Body Language’ introduces you to the soul of Stjernberg. You can clearly hear from his vocals that this is the style of music that he wants and more importantly was born to sing. Who knew that he had this amount of funk locked inside of him.

The song echos Donna Summer, Rose Royce and The Jackson 5 but with a modern vibe to it with the slight dub-step beat to it. The song is a string of killer hooks that will have your hips busting a move from the first listen.

The song has already shot to #1 on the download chart in Sweden following it’s release earlier today and rightfully so. At this moment in time I am not thinking of Loreen or Eric when I think of Eurovision follow-up songs that have got me more excited about an artist.

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man and Cometh the ‘Body Language’.

Definitely my recommendation of the week and a massive DOUZE POINTS from me!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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