The Common Linnets slowly building American profile through Jake Etheridge

The Common Linnets 'Give Me A Reason'. Photo : YouTube

The Common Linnets ‘Give Me A Reason’. Photo : YouTube

The Common Linnets European brand of County Music has certainly taken hold of the European charts. With news to come later in the year of more formal plans for a US launch for the band – it seems that their American replacement for Waylon – Jake Etheridge – is getting noticed State-side.

Etheridge’s whirlwind story of going from waiting tables to performing across Europe and having a number 1 album and single is just the All American Fairytale story that is slowly getting noticed in the American media.

Etheridge speaks of how he went from waiting tables and singing to crowds of less than one hundred people in Nashville on the week of Eurovision, to flying out to Europe a week later to step into the shoes of Waylon as departed from the band to pursue his solo work.

Jake speaks how he was excited to be bought a new wardrobe of clothes for the Press Concerts the week after Eurovision. Funny to believe that during the Grand Final of the contest he was getting text messages from the band about how the voting was going.

Jake Etheridge. Photo : Jake Etheridge Facebook

Jake Etheridge. Photo : Jake Etheridge Facebook

Little did he think that his album that he wrote with the Common Linnets would be certified Gold and people over Europe would know the words to his songs. The Common Linnets new release ‘Give Me A Reason’ (which we loved in our review) was the first song that he wrote for the band and now it is set to be another hit for him and The Common Linnets.

He is currently back in the USA before he will return to Europe to prepare for the Common Linnets European tour later in the year. The story of the unknown American man suddenly gaining European fame is beginning to hit the American media.

Expect to see more of The Common Linnets and Jake Etheridge featuring in America.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The State

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