Eurovision 2014

Watch Waylon’s Sexy Lap Dance when he is ‘Love Drunk’

Waylon - 'Love Drunk'. Photo : YouTube

Waylon – ‘Love Drunk’. Photo : YouTube

Waylon appears to have inhabited the spirit of Michael Hutchinson from INXS with his sexy lap dance in the official video for ‘Love Drunk’. You remember that we reviewed Waylon’s new song ‘Love Drunk’ and we fell head over heels in love with it, well now we get to gush over the official video for the song.

The song as we told you, is a fusion of soul, country and pop and we didn’t know how it would be played out on video. Well now we know and now we are suitably turned on.


Waylon - 'Love Drunk'. Photo : YouTube

Waylon – ‘Love Drunk’. Photo : YouTube

We are happy that Waylon’s Common Linnets hat is gone as we can now see his ‘come to bed eyes’ that we knew he always had. Why hide them under a hat. This is a sultry video that sees Waylon taking to what appears to be an underground bar one would imagine in Amsterdam. Dimly lit and filled with people who prefer to play in the daepths of the night.

It is that classic tale of “Women want to be with him and men want to be him” as the night-time action begins. Take a shot of whiskey and the bar comes alive. This isn’t a video filled with classic good-looking people, it is far better as it is laden with real life people who have an air of rawness about them. A voluptuous woman gets to give Waylon a lap dance throughout the song that stimulates all the right senses. Nothing is forbidden as the whiskey is flowing.


Waylon - 'Love Drunk'. Photo : YouTube

Waylon – ‘Love Drunk’. Photo : YouTube

By the end of the video you feel as if you have been out on the town with Waylon and you certainly are ‘Love Drunk’ even more on this song. Waylon has lost his hat but he has gained so much more! The best Eurovision follow-up single from 2014 so far.

‘Love Drunk’ comes from Waylon’s new album ‘Heaven After Midnight’ that is available on iTunes both the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition.

We have only one thing to say – Next time you are filming a video Waylon make sure you invite us!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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