Eurovision 2014

Waylon – I will be in his 7 Steps Program with this ‘Love Drunk’

Waylon - Official Pictures - Jens van der Velde © 2011

Waylon – Official Pictures – Jens van der Velde © 2011

Waylon was half of the Netherlands highly successful The Common Linnets Eurovision act this year. He went off the radar after their success in Copenhagen and then resurfaced to leave the band. However he returns to the airwaves and oh “I will be in his 7 steps program with his ‘Love Drunk’ new swagger”.

‘Love Drunk’ is the new single from the Dutch singer that will be the first release from his upcoming album ‘Heaven After Midnight’. The song is exactly what I would order at the bar for a good night out. ‘Calm After The Storm’ for me never allowed you to hear the real tone of his voice. He has an old school soul sound to his voice that conjures up memories of Otis Redding, Bill Withers and Al Green to name but a few. An old soul in a young body.

As for the song – well it is for me far superior to ‘Calm After The Storm’ and that is no disrespect to The Common Linnets but a sign of just how good this song is. It is an up-tempo song which mixes pop, soul, modern country and R-n-B music into a contemporary cocktail that should be on the airwaves across Europe and beyond.

A modern love song for the 22nd century. Waylon had said in his press release when he departed the Common Linnets that he had to commit himself to his solo material – and how glad I am that he has done just that. ‘Love Drunk’ is not just a Eurovision follow-up single it is a “Triumphant Eurovision follow-up Single”. “This old cowboy” has NOT lost his way!

Points out of 12 – Waylon’s ‘Love Drunk’ has to get the maximum ‘Douze Points’.

Welcome back Waylon – don’t leave us again!

You can pre-order Waylon’s new album ‘Heaven After Midnight’ on iTunes both the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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