CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen resigns following Eurovision 2014

B & W Halls. Photo :

B & W Halls. Photo :

DENMARK – The CEO of ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ resigns following Eurovision 2014. According to DR.DK the CEO Mikkel Metz Mørch is to leave his position with the organisation.

‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ ran a loss of DKK 58 million following the staging of Eurovision 2014 at the B&W Halls in the Danish capital. Mr Mørch commented

“All I can tell you er som efter Wonderful Copenhagen board meeting today, I will be handing in my resignation as CEO”

According to DR.DK the “bill for the Eurovision Song Contest was EUR 77.4 million more than was budgeted for.The original budget was EUR 34.6 million. HOWEVER, the event Ultimately cost EUR 112 million – three times more than expected”.

‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ are looking to regain confidence in their company and will be looking into restructure following Eurovision. You can read the full report HERE


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : DR.DK


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