Eurovision 2012

Germany : Roman Lob asks you to take him ‘Home’ – Yes Please

Roman Lob - Home. Photograph : Roman Lob Official Facebook

Roman Lob – Home. Photograph : Roman Lob Official Facebook

Germany’s Eurovision 2012 representative Roman Lob has kindly asked to take us ‘Home’ and we are very happy to accept. Sadly it is not for a late night drink with the lights turned down low but it is his new album that has been released.

Here is the official teaser of the title track from the album but he has gone one better than just that – he has produced 5 short video’s describing the album for us – well thank you Roman for doing my work for me. The cheque is in the post!


Preview 1 – ‘Drum Control’ where Roman talks of the song itself and the drum beats that he has used in the production. We like this summery mid tempo R-n-B/drum and bass song

Preview 2 – ‘Underwater’ – this is an electronic R-n-B song which again has a fresh contemporary feel to it.


Preview 3 – ‘All that Matters’ details the difference between the ‘Entertainment World’ and the ‘Real World’ for Roman. A mid tempo pop song in a similar vein to his Eurovision song ‘Standing Still’


Preview 4 – ‘California’. This is pure soul/funk music and fills the gap in the music charts that acts like Jamiroquai held. This is a mature sound where Roman gets his groove on. This is a taste of sexy summer fun and my favourite from the album.


Preview 5 – ‘Wake Up’ that is about travelling all the time and waking up in a different hotel.


To say that the boy has become a man is an understatement. The album ‘Home’ shows a musical growth from his previous offerings and sees him take on a lot of control in the making of the album. I would even go as far as to say that he has matured into a far more accomplished performer that his fellow Eurovision counterpart Lena.

His music has an authenticity and variety to it that reflects the huge changes in his life that have taken place since being shot to fame in 2012 at Eurovision.

‘Home’ is an accomplished album from an artist that is wise beyond his years and you can download on iTunes HERE


I will gladly take Roman Lob ‘Home’ when he is sounding this good!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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