Eurovision 2014

TURKEY : Hadise is one Badass Chick with ‘Where Are You My Love?’

Hadise - Where are you my love? Photo : Hadise Official facebook

Hadise – Where are you my love? Photo : Hadise Official Facebook

Turkey – Hadise returns with her new song ‘Nerdesin Aşkım/Where are you my love?’ and she is one “Bad Ass Chick”. Forget the cute Eurovision 2009 ‘Düm tek tek’ as Hadise is all grown up and likes to hang out with the “Bad Boys” – don’t we all honey!

Her single released last Friday is ‘Nerdesin Aşkım/Where are you my love?’. This is a song that mixes guitar rock with traditional Turkish music and has a hard edge to it. Her voice has a husky tone to it that is in keeping with the song despite her singing “You come to me again, sweeter than honey”.

As for the video – well Hadise knows how to straddle a motorbike and ride it like a bucking bronco. Team this up with traditional dancing on a beach and she shows Beyoncé how ‘Oh Baby Boy’ should have been performed.

A much harder sound for Hadise that is certainly a surprise as it is enjoyable. I was not expecting such a gem of a song.

Marks out of 12 – It has to be a maximum 12 points and our recommendation of the week.

‘Nerdesin Aşkım’ can be downloaded on iTunes from her album ‘Tavsiye’

Speaking of new album she posted on her social media

“This album is full of advice – I picked the songs for you. Fight for your own happiness, discover yourself, laugh, navigate, without limiting yourself to enjoy your life. We all have our problems, but every day is a hassle and either decreases or burdens you more. That’s why I need to live, I need to enjoy life. Don’t be on a train, live … This album is for my Angels, My Lovers and #TeamHadise”

Who is to argue with her!



Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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