Welcome to Junior Eurovision 2014

JESC 2014

Just when you thought it was safe. You know the sort of thing – Austria wins the contest, the fans are split equally between those that are happy and those that think Netherlands/Sweden/Armenia/Nepal were robbed, everyone looks forward to going to some strange new city next year.

But wait, to tide us over until the 2015 National Final season starts, we have big Eurovision’s little brother to look forward to, known to its friends as JESC.

As we all know, the winning country of JESC doesn’t necessarily host the following year’s contest, in order to take some of the pressure off the young performers.  However, Malta won in 2013, and it will be held on the sunny Mediterranean island on 15 November.

To date, only nine countries have confirmed their participation in the event, but this is expected to increase in the coming weeks and months.  Whilst previous JESCs have been held in a host city, Malta breaks that tradition by having a host island instead.  Indeed, with no big cities as such, the venue is in the Shipbuilding at Marsa, which is contiguous with Valletta to the north and Luqa (home of the island’s airport) to the south.  As this is the first big Eurovision event Malta has ever hosted, it is a sure thing they will push the boat out to make it an enjoyable and memorable show.

So far (28 July) there are 13 countries participating and amongst them are two countries (Italy and Montenegro) sending entries for the very first time.  But this is not necessarily the final field.  The list below shows these current entrants, along with details of who will be singing and what their song is (if they’ve been chosen), or the date they’ll be selecting their entrant:

Armenia – To be announced sometime in September

Belarus – To be announced 29 August

BulgariaKrisia Todorova – Song to be announced

CyprusSophia Patsalides – Η πιο όμορφη μέρα (I pio omorfi méra) – The most wonderful day

Georgia – To be announced

Italy – To be announced

MaltaFrederica Falzon

Montenegro – To be announced

Netherlands – To be announced 27 September

Russia – To be announced

Serbia – To be announced

SwedenJulia  KedhammarDu är inte ensam – You’re not alone

Ukraine – To be announced 9 August


Stay tuned for more information about this year’s venue and a potential cross-over with the grown-up Eurovision and we will have some surprises on the way for you!


Author: John Stanton

Source : Junior Eurovision

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