Eurovision 2014

SWITZERLAND Begin Their Eurovision 2015 Search

Switzerland Begin their Eurovision 2015 Process. Photograph courtesy of

Switzerland Begin their Eurovision 2015 Process. Photograph courtesy of

SWITZERLAND – Two weeks have not yet passed but Switzerland have announced details of their selection process for Eurovision 2015. The success of Sebalter in this year’s Grand Final has injected a new-found sense of enthusiasm into the county that brought us the first ever winner of Eurovision.

As like last year both singers and songwriters will have the opportunity to upload their work onto a video platform where the public can see and vote for their favourite performances.

SRF (Swiss Broadcaster) have already posted some of the details for the selection process and provided and contact details for Eurovision 2015 queries – SEE HERE

Expect to see a lot of Swiss fans at Eurovision 2015 as of course their Neighbours Austria will be hosting the contest.

Sebalter and his song “Hunter For Stars” came 13th at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Could 2015 see the 3rd victory for Switzerland at the contest?

Eurovision 2015 is officially open now!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SRF

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  1. Sebalter did a good job for Switzerland which I think cancelled poor Malta out of the running plus he was probably the best looking male on stage this year imo, he certainly was very pleasing to my eyes 😉

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