ROLLING BLOG: First rehearsal of the ‘Big 6’ Finalists – 4 May #joinus

Molly UK

We’ve seen the semi-finalists strutting their various parachutes, trampolines, see-saws and hamster wheels. The finalists now give us an idea of what they’ll be doing on 10 May. Will one of them be a winner, or will they be propping up the scoreboard?.  Our bloggers, as usual, are Andrew Main and Phil Colclough from OnEurope

As the running order for the finalists hasn’t been determined yet, we get a fairly random order, as follows


Fascinating fact:  Danish, Low German, Sorbian, Romany and Frisian are recognised minority languages in Germany

Phil – A decidedly average performance of an average song.  She doesn’t do anything other than in the NF performance.  Visually it has nothing that grabs the attention and the idea she’s the underdog like in the national final does not translate.  To me, there is nothing that makes you pick the phone up.

Andrew: Germany are exactly doing what they did in the National Final. Standing there and singing. One of the most static performances I have seen. The backdrop is also rather underwhelming. Eliza’s vocals are fine though but I just do not find any charm  in this song at all. This is near the bottom of the Final.

John: The press centre wasn’t that full when Germany started rehearsing.  The first run through was solid but not exactly inspiring.  They all look very floral which seems a bit too busy for my liking, although it does contrast with the slower nature of the song.  To be honest, I’m not keen but if they make a play of the nature of the band, it may pick up a few sympathy votes.


Fascinating fact: The full name of the country – The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – was only adopted in 1927.

John: I really liked this, although Molly was clearly having issues with the sound on the first run through.  She had the nouse to tell the crew as she was performing.  The set and camera angles do work.  The second was better all round.  Could the UK be seeing a good result this year?  I know it’s early days but I think they will.

Phil – #lovelymolly ironed out the issues as John said above and she didn’t half belt this out you know.  Everything works , unlike most first UK rehearsals over the years, Molly likes the camera and the 3rd performance was better than them all.  Top 10, definitely.  Top 5?  if you have a spare 20 Kronor, you might not go wrong.

Andrew: Molly on next for the UK and her first run through had a few in ear technical issues but she soldiered on regardless. The second run through was much more polished and confident. She is sounding great and selling the song well. The 4 backing singers are symmetrically 2 either side of the drummer who is right behind Molly. A more than competent first set of rehearsals for the UK and gives us hope of a better result this year. A big flowery motif is the backdrop and on the stage, then it moves to firelights floating upward then the big crescendo we get white spotlights. Better camera angles already on the 3rd run through and Molly moves around toward the end. This is looking good for the UK and justifies why it is 5th favourite to win the darn thing. The last run through has a pyro waterfall on the backdrop at the big crescendo which got a huge reaction in the press centre. Great vibes all around this one now.


Garrett : The UK fans were rightly excited about Molly’s first performance so we got them on camera to share their thoughts – SEE HERE


Fascinating fact: The largest country that France borders is Brazil, due to French Guiana being part of France proper.

Andrew: Now this is how to use every colour ever invented by mankind. The graphics on the backdrop need to have an advisory label(please wear sunglasses). Very catchy and bouncy, good vocals good movement around the stage and catwalk. Still a work in progress though as some of the camera angles are not quite there yet. Pricelessly funny moment when the guitarist got in the way of the lead singer and he shoved him out of the way, just as well they are twins huh?

Phil : This has lost the fun factor from the video.  It looks lost and they certainly don’t own the stage – rather they have it on credit and have to give it back at the end of the 3 mins.  They use all of the stage, attempt a selfie, give Europe an epileptic fit with the colours on stage but it all seems a bit forced.  I know you can’t contrast that with Molly but, this is sinking without trace.


Fascinating fact: Denmark consists of the peninsular of Jutland and a collection of 407 islands.

Phil : That fascinating fact was more exciting than Basim on stage.  It’s exactly like the DMGP staging (and that worked well so why would you change it, I guess?) – he is dressed in the most awful waiter outfit as he trots about on stage.  It’ll get the Home town result, i.e higher than it should get – but what that is, is anyone’s guess.  I’m thinking 10th-14th but other opinions are available.

Garrett : You cannot get a table in a restaurant here in Copenhagen because all the waiters are on stage with Bazim. He got a haircut for the event and he looks cute and ready for the girls (and boys) to finger him with tele votes. This is the same performance as the Danish final but one gets the feeling that they do not want to host again. Why do I say that? Well nothing screams of “Look at Me” as a 100 foot picture of yourself on a flag being dropped onto the stage. Slightly narcissistic and one might say “Cliché”. Top 5 for Denmark but ditch the flag of “The People’s Republic of Bazim”


Fascinating fact: Italy is the world’s biggest producer of wine, contributing about one third of the global production, amounting to about 45 million hectolitres a year.

Andrew: Italy is very busy on the stage, lots of movement and colour on the backdrop Emma is wearing a bomber style baseball jacket with Dreamer written on the back, funnily enough one of our pack quoted it as looking like a dream sequence from Absolutely Fabulous . Some of the camera shots need some work especially the closing shot. The vocals are also raunchy and raw which suits the style of the song. A work in progress here and plenty time to improve.

Phil :  Italy is, as Andrew has said, extremely busy on stage and there is lots of lighting and all sorts of things packed into 3 minutes of madness! – She does crawling and strutting down the catwalk and it just leaves me cold.  Considering RAI have had months to come up with a camera plan, it smacks of planning.  It needs to improve!


Fascinating fact: The name España means ‘land of the rabbits’.

Phil : This gets the typical Spanish polarisation between the fans.  One school of thought is that she was the best thing since sliced bread and she can do no wrong.  Others think that she was shouty, busy, screechy and it looked a tad messy.  We can all say that it’s a first rehearsal but at the end of the day, a professional rehearsal *should* be like her performance.  I Hope for those in the first camp this improves because, if she is not careful, it is going to sink like a stone (in the rain, the rain).

Andrew: Well visually this is absolutely stunning, Lots of rain and puddles in the staging of it. Unfortunately the vocals are not up to the mark today. But Ruth has been ill so I suspect she will be holding back a lot and saving her best till Tuesday at least.


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  1. From the “big 6” I like UK’s entry- music is fine , but I don’t like the lyrics , I really hate those lyrics: “power to the people, power to the people…” just reminds me of my communist childhood. It sound like a marxist-socialist slogan 🙂 Still, a good song, I shall vote for UK.

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