Eurovision 2014

Eurovision Betting Odds – Now that everyone has been and done, what money is being bet

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

Garrett has asked me to unleash my literally minutes of betting experience on you all and let you know what’s going on in the betting stakes, now each country has been on and rehearsed.

The headline is basically “Money for Molly” – her odds have come in to as low as 9/1 3rd favourite with many bookmakers, though you can still get as high as 14/1 ( and, interestingly you can get 13/1 with Oddset here in Denmark and 9/1 with Svenska Spel in Sweden) so it’s not just UK Money going on #lovelymolly.


Armenia, though, are still your across the board favourites but now at 2/1 mostly, with the Even Money that was offered 2-3 weeks ago all too big.   Sweden are still 2nd at about 5/2 with a sniff of money on Ukraine at about 9 or 10/1. Outside the top 3-4, everything else is on the drift apart from the Netherlands that have come in to 66/1 from 80 and 100/1.

Eurovision Ireland will keep an eye on the betting and let you know the moves as soon as we can.


Author : Phil Colclough

Source : Oddschecker

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