Eurovision 2014

Schedule of Events at Eurovision 2014 – Monday May 5th

Schedule of Eurovision Events - May 5th. Photo : Wikipedia

Schedule of Eurovision Events – May 5th. Photo : Wikipedia

Can you believe it but we are here in the week of Eurovision 2014. So what is happening today in Copenhagen?

  • First up will be the First Dress Rehearsal at 3pm (CET) – Andrew and Phil will be Blogging that live for you. That will be interesting to see how the songs look and feel when played side by side. This is when we expect to see what countries pop out from the pack. Andrew Main will be reporting LIVE. SEE HERE
  • Next up is hopefully some 1 on 1 time with a certain lady from the United Kingdom – Ms Molly
  • Then we have the Irish Delegation Party at 7:30pm (CET) – expect a few videos from there 
  • The Big One is then at 9pm (CET) – The Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal that we will certainly be blogging live. This is when the fate of many countries will be sealed! Our Friend Phil from On Europe will be covering the show for us – SEE HERE

So make sure to #JoinUs for all the news and views and breaking news throughout the day!


Author/Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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