My Eurovision Countdown to Copenhagen Part 5

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo
Respective Broadcasters/EBU

It’s Andrew James Main here  again and in the build up towards Copenhagen I am going to publish my Eurovision Countdown and Predictions of all of the songs. There will be 6 parts in all and the fifth part takes us through from position 12 to 7. This is something that I do every year and post to my Facebook wall so that some of my friends can saviour some of the delights and some of the horrors that we have to look forward to come May.

In all honesty this year is a fairly level playing field with no runaway stand out favourites and no absolute horrors. So continuing on from Part 4 which was published a few days ago we start at position 12.






Next we have a song that has risen up my rankings by about 6 places due entirely to the performance in Amsterdam a few weeks ago. Ruth Lorenzo from Spain put in a cracking rendition of her song Dancing in the Rain. She certainly knows how to sell the song which in itself is not overly elaborate and rather repetitive in its own right. Ruth has a powerful voice which fits in nicely with the song and would expect this to enhance its chances in the Final, perhaps a whisker away from a top 10 position.








Just missing out on my top 10 is this little ditty from Twin Twin who are representing France with Moustache. It is modern and cheery, colourful and quirky. It is certainly one of the more daring entries from France in recent years. Twin Twin are just loads of fun and their performance is certainly up to scratch and extremely contagious and catchy. So catchy in fact I can see this threatening the top 10. Vive Le France.



So many of the ex Yugoslav countries have decided not to take part this year which makes it even harder for those left to do well with a lack of their neighbourly votes. Montenegro also do not have a great record since they joined the contest. But this year sees them send a classic formula that works so well at Eurovision, a sweeping Balkan ballad sung simply and well by Sergej Cetkovic. Moj Svijet is one of the better male ballads this year among many others. Also he sells it well live as he did in Amsterdam.






Another one that has risen up my rankings since Amsterdam is Rise Like a Phoenix for Austria sung by the rather flamboyant Conchita Wurst. It is very much the dramatic Bond theme kind  of song and is sung extremely well by Conchita. Love or loathe the drag queen image she is a lovely character as has been apparent by the many interviews online including from Eurovision Ireland. What I love about this song is it ticks a lot of boxes for the international audience, full out strings an explosive ending and dramatic vocals, simply all that a drama queen needs really.





The hosts Denmark have sent a serious contender to try and win Eurovision for the 2nd year in a row. The last time Denmark hosted they came second and I would not be surprised to see a similar good result this year.Basim sings Cliché Love Song and they already know their position in the Final at 23 which is a plum draw. This song is instantly catchy and bouncy and very singalong therefore instantly memorable. So memorable it reminds me of You To Me Are Everything a big hit in the 70’s from the group The Real Thing. Basim does sell the song very well and it is performed really well too. So do not rule out another Danish win or at least a top 5 finish.





We move to Israel for our next song in the countdown to Copenhagen. Mei Finegold sings Same Heart partly in English and in Hebrew. The language mix really works for me even though Hebrew tends to be very guttural in sound. This kind of song can take that kind of sound. The song is in itself very contemporary and is a good mix of rock and electropop. Mei has a very powerful voice which delivers this song big style all that’s missing is the unknown of how it will be performed at Eurovision but we will find out soon enough. I personally hope they keep the Kill Bill theme from the video. Will this qualify?

Absolutely. Will it do well in the Final? I think it is a serious contender for the Top 10.

So I will be back later this week with the 6th and final part of the countdown from 6-1.

Do you agree or disagree strongly with any of my position’s or comments then let us know?

Author/Andrew James Main
Source : Eurovision Ireland



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