Eurovision 2014 Betting Odds – Who Do They Predict Will Win?

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

Current Betting Odds. Photo : Odds Checker

So this day next week we will have started the live rehearsals for Eurovision 2014. So before all the reviews of the performances come in, here are what the betting odds are saying about who are in the running to win Eurovision 2014.


Outright Eurovision Winner Betting Odds


  1. Armenia
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Norway
  5. UK
  6. Ukraine
  7. Hungary
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Belgium
  10. Romania
  11. Austria
  12. Italy
  13. Greece
  14. Russia
  15. Spain
  16. Ireland
  17. Israel
  18. Finland
  19. Estonia
  20. Malta
  21. Poland
  22. Germany
  23. France
  24. Montenegro
  25. Netherlands
  26. Switzerland
  27. Slovenia
  28. Albania
  29. Lithuania
  30. Iceland
  31. Belarus
  32. Moldova
  33. San Marino
  34. Portugal
  35. FYR Macedonia
  36. Latvia
  37. Georgia

The Top 3 haven’t moved for over a week. Still the surprise is Malta being so low down. The OGAE Fan Network have Sweden handsomely leading in their International Poll and Armenia down in 9th place currently. They also have Austria in second place while in the betting odds Conchita Wurst is in 11th place. Expect a lot of media attention to be focused on Conchita at Eurovision and watch Austria climb in the betting odds one thinks.

You can see the full betting odds HERE for the Outright Winner


Semi Final One Qualifying Betting Odds


According to the betting odds people have the following ten countries qualifying for the Grand Final.

  1. Armenia – Qualify
  2. Sweden – Qualify
  3. Azerbaijan – Qualify
  4. Ukraine – Qualify
  5. Hungary – Qualify
  6. Belgium – Qualify
  7. Russia – Qualify
  8. Estonia – Qualify
  9. Montenegro – Qualify
  10. Netherlands – Qualify
  11. Moldova
  12. Albania
  13. Latvia
  14. San Marino
  15. Iceland
  16. Portugal

The Netherlands in tenth place could be touch and go. This is a good song from 2 great singers but country music does not tend to score well at Eurovision and this song is a definite grower. The more you hear it the more you will like it but at Eurovision you get just one shot to sell it to the tele voting audience.

You can see the full set of Betting Odds HERE


Semi Final Two Qualifying Betting Odds


The Betting Odds have the following countries qualifying in this order.


  1. Romania – Qualify
  2. Norway – Qualify
  3. Greece – Qualify
  4. Austria – Qualify
  5. Ireland – Qualify
  6. Finland – Qualify
  7. Malta – Qualify
  8. Israel – Qualify
  9. Poland – Qualify
  10. Switzerland – Qualify
  11. Lithuania
  12. Slovenia
  13. Belarus
  14. FYR Macedonia
  15. Georgia


I would not rule out Lithuania on qualifying as they have a knack on making it through and judging on what we saw and heard in Amsterdam, “Attention” could make the final. I could say that Israel could not be so certain a qualifier from what we have seen on-line of Mei’s performance in Moscow recently.

You can see the full betting odds for Semi Final 2 HERE


What countries are you backing to Win Eurovision 2014?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Odds Checker and Eurovision Ireland


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