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Norway : Why Didn’t Carl Espen Win By A Bigger Margin? The Answer Is….

Carl Espen. Photo : YouTube

Carl Espen. Photo : YouTube

Why didn’t Carl Espen win Melodi Grand Prix 2014 by a massive landslide? Well that is probably due to the huge drop in ratings for the Grand Final just released.

Almost a quarter of a million less viewers tuned into the final this year as they did last year when Margaret Berger won the Grand Prix! Compare that again to 2009 when Alexander Rybak won and the Norwegian National Selection show has almost halved its audience.

Norway has a population of approximately 5 million people. Last year 975,000 Norwegians tuned into the final of Melodi Grand Prix. This year the figures were only 755,000 viewers. The Norwegian selection process changed its format this year with all 3 semifinals taking place in Oslo over one weekend – not like in earlier years where it travelled around the country. The ratings for the semi finals were similar to those of last year but it was the Grand Final that took the loss in viewers.

If you look at 2009 when Alexander Rybak won Melodi Grand Prix, the figures were 1.5 million viewers. So when people say that Carl Espen didn’t win Melodi Grand Prix by as big a margin as his fellow country men and women, it is probably not due to people not liking his song but more they just didn’t tune to the show like they did before.

Currently Norway is 3rd favourite to win Eurovision in the betting odds – See HERE

Does NRK need to revisit their decision not to travel around the Norway like in previous years?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Yeah, it was more interesting when they ventured around the to different cities! It was really downsized this year and I think that’s what made it lose viewers. Still a strong line up when it came to the final. I loved most of the MGP songs this year 😀

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