Eurovision 2014

Germany Set For the Most Unholy of Eurovision National Finals Ever

Unhelig.  Photo :

Unheilig. Photo :

Germany set for the most unholy of Eurovision national finals ever. With the live show on Thursday it seems that the German people are all for the “Unheilig” or to you and I “The Unholy” to win.

Yes the now more “mature rockers” are the betting odds favourites to win the German National Final and represent the country at Eurovision this year. You can view the betting odds HERE

The predictions based on the Betting have the Top 4 as Follows


  1. Unheilig
  2. The Baseballs
  3. Madeline Juno
  4. Santiano



For clips of the full set of finalists you can see here


And if that is not enough for you then according to Eurovision Festival News – Emma Marrone – this year’s Italian Eurovision Representative will be a guest at “Unser Song für Dänemark”.


The German National Final takes place this Thursday


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : BWIN and Eurovision Festival News

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