Eurovision 2014

MOLDOVA : Live Rolling Blog Of Semi Final 1 at 19:00 (CET)

Moldova Eurovision 2014 - Photo TRM

Moldova Eurovision 2014 – Photo TRM

Moldova – Tonight is the first semi final of “O Melodie Pentru Europa” or the Moldovan National Selection for Eurovision 2014.

The show and our LIVE Blog begins at 19:00 (CET) and you can watch the show live HERE.

Andre James Main with you tonight to give you a run down of the 12 songs competing for a place in net weeks Final.

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Moldova 2014 - Semi Final  1. Photo : TRM

Moldova 2014 – Semi Final 1. Photo : TRM

12 acts are compete in the first semi final tonight, of which 6 will qualify for the final on Saturday. The results will be calculate in a 50/50 televote and jury vote.

The 12 Acts Are

  1. Boris  Covali – Perfect Day
  2. FLUX Light – Never Stop No
  3. Alina Sorochina – Ascultă-mă tăcere
  4. Vlad Ray – Freedom
  5. Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do
  6. Doinița Gherman – Energy
  7. Anna Cernicova – Dragostea divină
  8. Diana Brescan – Hallelujah
  9. Tatiana Heghea – I’m Yours
  10. Rodica Olișevschi – Without You
  11. Paralela 47 – Fragmente
  12. Carolina Gorun – Turn The Tide


The show begins with dancers on the stage. All dressed in white and very energetic.

We have 2 hosts Sergui and Evelina. It is the 10th anniversary of Moldovan representation at Eurovision.

They are explaining the voting procedures and the telephone numbers to call and that Moldova will be in the

first semi final in May.  We are presented by Daniela who is our host in the Green Room.

So we are starting with the first song now. The stream is quite poor so bear with me tonight.

Boris  Covali – Perfect Day

Boris is dressed in an all white suit and accompanied ladies in white playing fiddles and so on.

A decent song to begin with mid paced with good vocals. It reminds me a bit of a Disney tune.

Probably give it 7/10

FLUX Light – Never Stop No

A female singer, 4 male dancers and a guy on keyboard wearing a helmet like a TV.

An uptempo beat to this one with an electronica feel to it. Again not a lot wrong with it vocally.

But perhaps its not memorable enough. 6/10

Alina Sorochina – Ascultă-mă tăcere

We have a ballad on next and Alina is wearing a flowing white dress. Decent vocals of a gentle sounding ballad.

Certainly inoffensive to the ear. She is accompanied by a guy on a piano and some backing singers. 6/10

Vlad Ray – Freedom

Song 4 is from Vlad who is pleasant to the eye. He is wearing a red cape with black clothes under it.

His vocals are not as good as his looks. A mid paced song that plods along without really going anywhere.

I give this one 5/10.

Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do

Song 5 is vocally not great, its a midtempo almost jazzy vaudeville kinda song. She has 2 male dancers

in black tuxedos and masks. Another song that has nothing memorable enough to do well with 5/10

Doinița Gherman – Energy

This song has elements of energetic beats interspersed with a folk beat and sound. 4 male dancers in

traditional costume carrying what look like brushes. The vocal wailing is not pleasant at times. But at least

this has an identity to it and will be remembered. 7/10

Anna Cernicova – Dragostea divină

We have another ballad and Anna is in a pale blue dress and has 2 dancers with her.

Her vocals are really good and this ballad starts gently but builds well and she ends up with very

operatic feel to her voice. 7/10

Diana Brescan – Hallelujah

More dancers for this song, Diana has a song that has a pleasant enough feel to it and another mid tempo

style of song. Her vocals are slightly shaky at times but I do not think her song stands out enough. 6/10

Tatiana Heghea – I’m Yours

Tatiana is wearing a rather interesting white outfit and has 4 male dancers on stage with her.

Her song has a good disco back beat to it.  Her vocals are a bit off at times and out of tune I think.

However this has been one of the better songs for a while. 7/10

Rodica Olișevschi – Without You

Rodica in a black dress with a guy playing a guitar. Her vocals are quite raw and raspy, not totally in tune.

Her song is mid tempo and is trying to be something its not, contemporary. 4/10

Paralela 47 – Fragmente

Now we have a group on stage with guitars and drums. The lead vocals start off very low. But do get better.

This has another mid tempo beat to it but without a rocky edge. Not instant enough to do that well though. 6/10

Carolina Gorun – Turn The Tide

The last song of the night is by Carolina. A black dress and 4 backing singers. A slow starting song which

comes alive after the first minute, it sweeps around a bit but after that doesn’t get anywhere. Vocally was fine

but lacking something I feel. 5/10

So there have had all 12 songs performed tonight and the main thing for me was lack of really memorable songs.

4 songs stood out for me the most and should have a chance to reach the final.

Boris  Covali , Doinița Gherman , Anna Cernicova  and Tatiana Heghea.

After another visit to the Green Room we get a recap of all the songs once again for the televoters.

The interval act consists of numerous local singers.

At last we get Pasha Parfeny reprising his Eurovision song from 2 years ago.

Televote result has Boris first followed by Tatiana, Dionita and Anna.

We are not getting a brief look at the songs in Semi Final 2 on Thursday.

Boris is top of the jury vote too.

He is through to the final. As is Diana, Flux Light, Tatiana, Dionata and Anna.

Felicia gets the 7th spot.

Author – Andrew James Main

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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