Eurovision 2014

Malta’s Firelight send their love to Eurovision Ireland and Can-Linn & Kasey

Firelight - Maltese Eurovision 2014 Representatives. Photo PBS

Firelight – Maltese Eurovision 2014 Representatives. Photo PBS

The sun is out and it must be due to the fact that we received this ray of sunshine from Malta’s Firelight today. Yes the guys from Firelight sent us this video message wishing the readers of Eurovision Ireland and Kasey & Can-Linn good luck at Eurovision. They even treated us to a few bars of their Eurovision entry “Coming Home”

Firelight sound great and we know that Kasey is a fan of their song “Coming Home” – well actually you will see that in the coming weeks.

Firelight released their remastered version of their song for Eurovision recently along with their Official Lyric Video for “Coming Home”

Malta will be performing in the second semi final at Eurovision this year on May 8th. Ireland is also in that semi final – so let’s call it “Island Solidarity” 😉

Ireland will be represented by Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith with the song “Heartbeat”

Tell us what you think of both songs?

Can they make the Grand Final?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Both songs are great imo and I think that they have a great chance in qualifying especially malta with such a different song 🙂

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